Red Division

I am not the first to comment that there does seem to be more division amongst Charlton fans than we have ever felt before. Twitter seems to be awash with fans abusing each other and the club for being Pro or Anti Duchatelet.
Bearing in mind the challenges we have faced together over the last 50 years , that alone is disappointing and does not speak positively for the current management of the club , part of whose role is surely to articulate ” the plan” and unite all fans behind the club. The current level of communication is woeful .

From a factual perspective ( a poor and relatively short managerial record) , Bob Peeters does not seem to be a positive choice as manager. Despite the fact that we are all Europeans now , Belgium seems to have become the only place Charlton are allowed to get their managers from .

Despite any concerns we may have , it is obviously sensible and right to welcome Bob and give him our support and get behind the team .
Some of us may have no enthusiasm for the owners , but we are still enthusiastic about the club and the team

2 thoughts on “Red Division

  1. I am not divided, just looking forward already to the new season . Charlton is a club not a political party.

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