D Day

I don’t know what it is about getting old , its probably a loss of testosterone but I’ve started crying when I see emotional events on TV – the recent D Day landings 70th anniversary coverage had me in floods of tears as I watched the veterans walking the streets in France.
Anyway, the ITV coverage was also notable for the piece they did on the ‘oldest surviving brothers from D Day’ who served on HMS Frobisher together , John & Ernest Dale, who were 94 and 90 respectively. The News Shopper ran this piece yesterday.

At the end of the ITV interview , the interviewer turned to camera and said I wouldn’t normally do this , but John & Ernest were such lovely guys, so I don’t mind that they asked me to tell you all that they are both lifelong Charlton Athletic supporters . – that just started me off again – boo hooing

Hopefully the club have already picked up on this , but if they haven’t I can’t think of 2 better people to get out onto our new pitch in August and enjoy a huge ovation of gratitude from their home crowd , while I break out my tissues again .

One thought on “D Day

  1. Oh my Lord, I couldn’t agree more with the sentiments of this post. I am in my early 50’s and a complete emotional wreck these days. Only caught the tail end of the BBC coverage last week but had me exactly the same. Oh to be young again…

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