Belgianification continues

Another day and a few more Belgians arrive – at this rate I’m going to be complaining to my MP – these bloody football tourists , they come over here taking our jobs, using our football pitches- probably taking a few of our women too . Just in the last 2 days weve had , Patrick Van Houdt, Guy Kiala and now weve signed Yoni Buyens .
The club proudly announced on the official website that a fee had been agreed for Igor Vitokele who is a Belgian Angolan ( whose Dad , I am guessing was quite keen on the Russian backed side in the Angolan civil war) . To announce things before the player has actually signed is a departure from previous practise and doesn’t seem sensible. Last year would have seen us announce a whole host of deals on that basis , Connor Wickham , Jonny Williams, Max Gradel for starters and Chris O Grady this year.
From his profile and the video evidence he is small and slight – which to my mind – is not what is required in the Championship. Look at Burnley and Leicester last year , you need power and strength up front .
One thing I don’t understand is why the club are not using Katrien or even the Board to make optimistic and bullish statements about investment in the pitch and stadium. It is certainly good news and supporters want to hear about investment on and off the pitch and it doesn’t seem like the current management team really understand the concept of marketing/bigging up the product. Peter Varney would have been constantly flagging up these good things.
Anyway I’m hopeful that Monday’s press conference will be an upbeat affair with many more Belgians arriving in a minibus or clinging to the underside of a Eurostar .
Tintin , snowy and the Thompson twins are on their way next .

3 thoughts on “Belgianification continues

  1. Do you ever write anything remotely positive about charlton? I mean, you genuinely just seem to be constantly criticising the owner. Is it bad that we’ve been exploiting our belgian links? No. And as for Vetokele, he may be small and slight, but his goal scoring record proves him to be at least a confident and experienced player. Chris solly is small and slight, look at his ability. I’m not saying everything you’ve written is wrong, but maybe once in a while consider the positives and cheer up!

    • Addickted
      Thanks for the comment .Most of my pieces are ‘tongue in cheek’ – the clue is in the grumpy ramblings sub title.
      However , you are certainly correct that I am not a fan of the current owner . To my mind none of the players that we got sent over last year were good enough and that includes Reza ( despite promising World Cup appearances) and Astrit. To my mind , on the pitch , we have gone a long way backwards losing a lot of our best players , Hamer, Kermit, Stephens , Dervite and probably Poyet and Morrison too.
      I am ambitious for the club and would prefer an owner who is not trying to beat the system. Whilst the ‘system’ of losing lots of money every year stinks and I wouldn’t blame Mr Duchatelet from trying to beat it, I think ( and obviously this is a personal opinion ) that his strategy – if you can call it that – is doomed to failure .
      It is possible to be negative about the owner and not the club . I remain passionate about supporting the team and the club. My hope is that Charlton gets a more ambitious owner with the desire and resources to get us back to the Premiership sooner rather than later. Obviously I desperately hope that all new signings turn out to be great and we are challenging for the play offs , but the level of ambition from the new owner – as evidenced by todays press conference does not suggest that they think it is a likely outcome . You are probably younger than me , but I’m getting old and I don’t want to wait another couple of years to challenge to get back to the Prem – I want to do it this season.

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