The rhythm of village life

We’ve had an annual village show in Albury since 1861 ( the year the American Civil War broke out ) with only a couple of short inconvenient breaks to accommodate World Wars 1 & 2.
The show attracts around 1500 visitors and about 1,000 entries of vegetables, jams, cakes , flowers through to artwork and photography for best in class awards with a top prize in each category of £1 ( yes, that’s right one pound !).
Winning obviously won’t make you rich , but think of the kudos if your Victoria Sponge is judged best in show or these prize winning cabbage beauties – yes they really are that big – I was tempted to ask for a drugs test.

Albury Prod Show Cabbages 2014

I’ve been helping to organise the show and the evening Barn Dance for 6 years now and it’s bloody hard work. At midnight on Saturday night ,when the last dance circles in and out , do-si-doing , forward and back, swinging their partners down the middle , down the side , the whole place is in hysterics with kids teenagers and adults all in fits of laughter.
When weve cleared up by 1am , I am fit to drop . Every year I think why do I do this , its such hard work , but then I remember – its all for charity , people love it …..oh and by the way its the close season so what else would I be doing on a Saturday .

Nothing to moan about …………… yet ?

Heavens , at this rate I won’t know what to post about . It all seems to be going swimmingly well , doesn’t it ? . Investment in pitch , stadium and players .
The bafflingly strange Mr Duchatelet appears to have woken up this summer and despite his previous statements , he has decided to shovel money into our beloved club – long may it continue . Perhaps the Belgian electronics industry has experienced a boom and he got a big dividend in the Spring .
I’m still a bit concerned that in probably the 2 key positions , goalkeeper and goal scorer we need two further signings and I’d like to see some more experienced Championship performers .
Also , Bikey , Morrison and Ben Haim aren’t exactly the quickest central defensive partnerships are they, but generally the new signings look decent , particularly this Icelandic guy.

Grounds for optimism ?? Lets hope so.