Beautiful Football Returns to Charlton

I know I shouldn’t get carried away , but lets face it if we play like we did last night every game from now onwards , we will get promoted.
The quality of the passing and the skill levels of some of the new players , notably Buyens ,Gudmundsson and Vitokele is fantastic . We carry a real attacking threat now – we could easily have scored 6 last night when you consider all the chances. Led by Skipper , the whole team gave everything . Roy Hodgson should have watched this game , he might have learnt something about motivating teams. Bob Peeters got his tactics absolutely spot on.
We need to get back the missing 6,000 or so who used to come every week . If they carry on like this, surely they will return .
To quote Delia , ‘ come on lets be having you – where are you , where are you ……………… ?

Twitter abuse not sensible

Its difficult to tell whether Charlton fans are worse than any other fans when abusing their own players .My daughter used to sponsor Kevin Lisbie and his view was that our fans were significantly worse than normal . Certainly when you read some of the comments emanating from Alan McCormack about the personal abuse he received at during his spell at Charlton and then you look at some of the very negative stuff on Twitter directed now at and about Diego Poyet , Simon Church and apparently Callum Harriot from time to time you begin to wonder if we have more moronic fans than the average football club.

I know its a pipe dream for us all to be nice to each other , but I’m sure it must be very hurtful to some of the players who are more sensitive and take this stuff seriously. In some cases , it might even affect their form . Anyone who watched Harriot at Blackpool for example will know that he has exceptional talent and will become an excellent player. He needs to be nurtured and encouraged in every way.
I think if I was Big Bob the disciplinarian , I’d be tempted to ban twitter usage.
Anyway, all good stuff last night , I thought we played well against pretty poor opposition . Buyens and Gudmundsson look particularly good.
That Tucudean , looks like he could be useless looks like a good find but he might need a bit longer to settle in. That’s me the voice of harmony

Carl Jenkinson and whats wrong with English football

Its difficult to be certain about how good Carl Jenkinson is because at 22 years old and after 4 seasons between Charlton and Arsenal , he has only played 45 matches.
I am not blaming Carl or Diego or Jonjo because it is a short career and they would be bonkers not to move for significantly bigger salaries . However , moving to bigger clubs too early doesn’t help to develop these players , does it ?
There is surely an argument that with c 100 games under their belts at Championship or even League 1 level , these players would subsequently be better equipped to be successful in the Premier League. I know Jonjo has never been the quickest , but his dead ball delivery, long ball passing range and goal scoring talents would have been really useful when you look at the pedestrian and creative-less midfield that England showed in the World Cup. There is a real danger that he will never reach his full potential and I’m sure that goes for Jenkinson too . I hope it doesn’t apply to Poyet .
To my mind, the FA should ban the movement of English players under the age of 21 to allow them to develop by playing 1st team football .