Beautiful Football Returns to Charlton

I know I shouldn’t get carried away , but lets face it if we play like we did last night every game from now onwards , we will get promoted.
The quality of the passing and the skill levels of some of the new players , notably Buyens ,Gudmundsson and Vitokele is fantastic . We carry a real attacking threat now – we could easily have scored 6 last night when you consider all the chances. Led by Skipper , the whole team gave everything . Roy Hodgson should have watched this game , he might have learnt something about motivating teams. Bob Peeters got his tactics absolutely spot on.
We need to get back the missing 6,000 or so who used to come every week . If they carry on like this, surely they will return .
To quote Delia , ‘ come on lets be having you – where are you , where are you ……………… ?

One thought on “Beautiful Football Returns to Charlton

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