Scotland please don’t go

Scotland, you gave us Willie Duff , Charlie Wright , David Campbell, John Hewie , Alan Campbell , Stuart Balmer , Mark Reid, Jim Melrose , Colin Walsh , Chris Iwelumo, Greg Shields and Matt Tees the best header of a ball ever seen at Charlton ( 32 goals in 89 games), Christian Dailly, really good players all of them…………… and this is where it goes a bit pear shaped, Ralph Milne ( the only Charlton player I can recall who actually ran with a limp)

We loved them all even Ralph
Stay with us – we love you


Another pulsating game at the Valley last night which could have gone either way.
I thought it was a bit ironic that just at the point when Big Bob said we can all forget about young Diego, our midfield looked in desperate need of him last night. For 2 seasons ,we had been completely porous in the middle until the last 10 games of last year when the energy , skill and bravery of Poyet and Cousins shored it up. Last night was a return to the bad days when we got bullied by bigger , more physical and energetic midfield.
To my mind , Bob didn’t look like he knew what to do either – the Wolves equaliser had an air of inevitability about it as they dominated and pressed with all the midfield possession.
Nevertheless , credit to the team for hanging in there. Its a great start and its entertaining stuff which will hopefully bring the crowds back.
As an aside , I have a slight suspicion that Bikey , the beast , tweaked /jarred his knee in his (not suitable for a man of his size, but nevertheless incredibly impressive ) celebration.
He didn’t look as comfortable on one side for the rest of the game — I hope I’m wrong.

Sunset in Santorini

Mrs Albury ‘What are you doing in there , hurry up or you will miss the beautiful sunset on the balcony’
Just coming dear , dusting off my flip flops , be there in a jiffy.
Picture the scene , its August 31st , a romantic hillside hotel , a spectacular sunset and there I am inside the room frantically pressing the refresh button on newsnow Charlton for the 450th time that hour to see if weve bought anyone , loaned anyone or frankly even thought about doing a deal with anyone or anything.
Having missed the sunset , dinner progresses on similar lines whilst I flick pieces of Greek Salad dressing all over my infeasibly difficult to operate and utterly useless Blackberry, cunningly hidden in my napkin. The wife opposite me is talking about something , but frankly who knows what because my mind is elsewhere . She tells me that there is a hornet the size of a small mammal crawling up the legs of my Vivien Westwood shorts.
Sunset over Santorini

But I am lost , someone on Charlton Life has seen Darren Bent arriving at Sparrows Lane – maybe he will, maybe he won’t , could it be , maybe it is , maybe it isn’t.

What was that dear ,do I want Reg Snapper as the main course who ?? , no , no its Darren ,you don’t understand, he’s coming home