Another pulsating game at the Valley last night which could have gone either way.
I thought it was a bit ironic that just at the point when Big Bob said we can all forget about young Diego, our midfield looked in desperate need of him last night. For 2 seasons ,we had been completely porous in the middle until the last 10 games of last year when the energy , skill and bravery of Poyet and Cousins shored it up. Last night was a return to the bad days when we got bullied by bigger , more physical and energetic midfield.
To my mind , Bob didn’t look like he knew what to do either – the Wolves equaliser had an air of inevitability about it as they dominated and pressed with all the midfield possession.
Nevertheless , credit to the team for hanging in there. Its a great start and its entertaining stuff which will hopefully bring the crowds back.
As an aside , I have a slight suspicion that Bikey , the beast , tweaked /jarred his knee in his (not suitable for a man of his size, but nevertheless incredibly impressive ) celebration.
He didn’t look as comfortable on one side for the rest of the game — I hope I’m wrong.

3 thoughts on “Bullied

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  2. Spot on again Albury. I can see you filling that role Glen Hoddle fills so magnificently at QPR. Just how big is their dug out.

    Maybe Mr Bikey’s potential knee problems would be fixed by a pair of matching boots.

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