Scotland please don’t go

Scotland, you gave us Willie Duff , Charlie Wright , David Campbell, John Hewie , Alan Campbell , Stuart Balmer , Mark Reid, Jim Melrose , Colin Walsh , Chris Iwelumo, Greg Shields and Matt Tees the best header of a ball ever seen at Charlton ( 32 goals in 89 games), Christian Dailly, really good players all of them…………… and this is where it goes a bit pear shaped, Ralph Milne ( the only Charlton player I can recall who actually ran with a limp)

We loved them all even Ralph
Stay with us – we love you

3 thoughts on “Scotland please don’t go

  1. Dangerous Blog !!
    I am a evil rich “loads of money ” Londoner and a conservative voter,

    Not sure what I think about Scotland anymore ? and do I really care ?

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