Maybe it was lost in translation , but did Big Bob really say that Roland told him that we don’t need any more players at the moment because we’ve already got 22 points ?
It is this element of the ownership plan that I just don’t get. We need to build the team again now with more strength up front and in the middle and there would be a real chance of the play offs . Progression season after season is not linear because of the generally short term nature of player deals and the whole competitive pace – gone are the days when you built a team over 3 or 4 years – its more likely that you get a completely new team every other year. Look at Palace , one year they nearly get relegated and then miraculously they get promoted the next year , look where Brighton are now having lost to Zaha & Co. Look at Burnley , having been favourites for Championship relegation last year. My point is that when you get a glimpse of a Premiership opportunity , you have to take the chance then and not see it as part of some long term building plan.
Considering Roland’s age , you would have thought that he would feel that way too .


I read an article in the Times some time ago that correlated winning football games and all the great teams with the high percentage of possession they have during a game . Bob Peeters obviously doesn’t agree . Somewhat incredibly, we win or draw game after game by scoring a goal ( or rarely two) during a very short unsustained period of pressure and then we let the opposition run the game for the other 80 to 85 minutes . I suppose I am happy , but I thought last night was frankly pretty awful although we did score 2 very good goals . How do you square that ? The defense is generally very good and our two centre halves are absolutely outstanding and it shows what can be achieved when the opposition forwards are frankly a bit reluctant to challenge or even go near the beast that is Bikey.

As for the rest of them ?? , the central midfield is exhausted after 60 mins or so and needs some younger legs , Cousins is completely wasted on the wing and can’t beat a bloke , even though we have a very good winger Harriot who doesn’t get a sniff . George is a cross between Michael Crawford in ‘some mothers do ave em’ and Marco Van Basten. I’m pretty sure Bulot is just not good enough.
Unyet , there we go , another 3 points – perplexed I am.

Callum Harriott , the eskimo

Bob, mate – I am a big fan of your tactical nous and man motivation skills and I’m very grateful we are still unbeaten, but there is one flaw which I just don’t get .
It seems like we will be playing until Xmas before you get Callum Harriott back in from the cold and back out on the pitch.
He is a winger- unlike Lawrie Wilson and Jordan Cousins , he is very fast and he can beat defenders and guess what he can also score goals.
Instead we get George who to my mind should only play from the beginning ( if at all) because as a sub it takes him too long to get the pace of the game.
We are wasting a big talent on the bench , in fact I would play him in preference to Bulot, Moussa and Tucudean.
Anyway there I’ve said it…………….but obviously you are still great !

Was it worth being flashed ?

This is not a reference to Operation Yewtree or Doctor Fox – lets be honest , its right to be suspicious of people who pretend to be doctors. It is the fact that as I sped back from Carrow Road to civilisation.I got a full on technicolour lighting up of my front seats courtesy of a her majestys constabulary speed trap. Was it worth it ? – Of course it was .
I thought we were magnificent . I have been pretty critical of King Roland but I have to apologise and say that he has hired a very good coach and has given him enough money to at least make us pretty competitive in this league. Although every team we play against moans that they are the better team and deserved to win on possession stats, none of them actually beat us do they , which after 10 games can’t be just by chance. Norwich again had loads of possession , according to their manager, Oscar Garcia , Steve Evans , Uwe Rosler , Kenny Jacket , Niel Adams , they had enough chances to win 3 games . If they were all right we’d be 30 games into the season by now and pointless. The fact is that Peeters has a very well drilled tactical plan which starts with the 2 excellent centre backs and is executed by the whole team.
Last night , they were all committed heroes , the Skipper was brilliant and as an added bonus we got a quick look at Karlan Ahearn Grant who , in his brief cameo, looked pretty tasty too.
Not sure about Bulot , he looks a bit lightweight for this league , but its early days , lets hope he rises to the challenge .
Brilliant stuff , well done to everyone , team , management and Boardroom