Callum Harriott , the eskimo

Bob, mate – I am a big fan of your tactical nous and man motivation skills and I’m very grateful we are still unbeaten, but there is one flaw which I just don’t get .
It seems like we will be playing until Xmas before you get Callum Harriott back in from the cold and back out on the pitch.
He is a winger- unlike Lawrie Wilson and Jordan Cousins , he is very fast and he can beat defenders and guess what he can also score goals.
Instead we get George who to my mind should only play from the beginning ( if at all) because as a sub it takes him too long to get the pace of the game.
We are wasting a big talent on the bench , in fact I would play him in preference to Bulot, Moussa and Tucudean.
Anyway there I’ve said it…………….but obviously you are still great !

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