I read an article in the Times some time ago that correlated winning football games and all the great teams with the high percentage of possession they have during a game . Bob Peeters obviously doesn’t agree . Somewhat incredibly, we win or draw game after game by scoring a goal ( or rarely two) during a very short unsustained period of pressure and then we let the opposition run the game for the other 80 to 85 minutes . I suppose I am happy , but I thought last night was frankly pretty awful although we did score 2 very good goals . How do you square that ? The defense is generally very good and our two centre halves are absolutely outstanding and it shows what can be achieved when the opposition forwards are frankly a bit reluctant to challenge or even go near the beast that is Bikey.

As for the rest of them ?? , the central midfield is exhausted after 60 mins or so and needs some younger legs , Cousins is completely wasted on the wing and can’t beat a bloke , even though we have a very good winger Harriot who doesn’t get a sniff . George is a cross between Michael Crawford in ‘some mothers do ave em’ and Marco Van Basten. I’m pretty sure Bulot is just not good enough.
Unyet , there we go , another 3 points – perplexed I am.

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