Maybe it was lost in translation , but did Big Bob really say that Roland told him that we don’t need any more players at the moment because we’ve already got 22 points ?
It is this element of the ownership plan that I just don’t get. We need to build the team again now with more strength up front and in the middle and there would be a real chance of the play offs . Progression season after season is not linear because of the generally short term nature of player deals and the whole competitive pace – gone are the days when you built a team over 3 or 4 years – its more likely that you get a completely new team every other year. Look at Palace , one year they nearly get relegated and then miraculously they get promoted the next year , look where Brighton are now having lost to Zaha & Co. Look at Burnley , having been favourites for Championship relegation last year. My point is that when you get a glimpse of a Premiership opportunity , you have to take the chance then and not see it as part of some long term building plan.
Considering Roland’s age , you would have thought that he would feel that way too .

One thought on “Ambition

  1. The message I got from RD visit was that if we are in the same position now in Jan he will try his best to get in some players who will help us push on. RD wasn’t expecting us to be doing as well as we are at this stage. People do need to remember that RD doesn’t like loaning players from clubs he doesn’t own. He rather invest in a player to own them.

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