Nigel Adkins joins the 60% club

We had 600 shots , 20,000 crosses and 98% of the possession, how did we lose?
I might be exaggerating a bit , but he said something like that , didn’t he ? The Reading manager joins the long list of incredulous managers ( all of our wins and most of our draws) who can’t believe you can lose with 60% of the possession.
I must say contrary to some of the other bloggers present yesterday , I felt pretty relaxed , almost confident, all the way through yesterday.I think we should have won by more and obviously hugely influenced by my previous blog about Eskimo Harriot , Bob has sensibly returned him to first team action.

Sometimes you also wonder whether the managers do any preparation atall . So weve got 2 full backs , one is nigh on brilliant and impossible to beat , the other is young , inexperienced ( but promising) and doesn’t play regularly. If you were Reading , which one would you get after from the off , yes, you’ve guessed it – the brilliant, better than John Terry one.

With nearly everyone fit , I fancy us for a historic win against the spanners – there I’ve said it …………..aaarrrggghhhhh

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