Negative Tactics from the boss

We should have played 2 up front yesterday and got after Millwall because they aren’t much good. Aside from Wigan & Derby at home , Bob seems to have retreated to the ‘lets always play like the away team’ tactic. That’s fine when you are actually playing away like at Reading, for example, when it worked a treat – although even there we actually played 2 up front.
Particularly if we are playing teams like Millwall and Sheff Weds, we should be taking the game to them because basically ( and their respective away records tell you this) they aren’t very good.
Harriott played really well at Reading, working well as a partner with Igor and is a handful for slow defenders. We then play against a poorer team than Reading and the game is at home , so I would expect us to be more expansive and positive but Bob drops Harriott and goes back to one up front to accommodate Coquelin. Its a mystery to me.
Anyway, a good atmosphere yesterday and at least we didn’t lose as per normal .
As an aside , Kermit scored goal of the century for Bournemouth yesterday , no surprises there – where would we be in the table if they’d managed to keep him and played him up front with Igor.
Top or nearly top I would say.

2 thoughts on “Negative Tactics from the boss

  1. No we don’t, they may not be much cop but they are on the books. Even Spongy Church would have caused them problems , playing one up front at home no matter how good he is seems negative to me.

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