I know I have to move on , I know at my age, I really shouldn’t have football heroes any more , but please , please can we have Yann back . Let’s face it , using a team made up of old fashioned British players , mostly recruited from the lower leagues , Bournemouth are absolutely nailed on to get promoted and they aren’t even using yann the fantastic from the start. On Saturday, Brett Pitman was preferred to start . I mean Brett Pitman , what would you think if you were as talented as Yann and you were bench warming for Pitman. Sure enough when he comes on , he scores a trademark brilliant free kick.
But let’s face it they are never going to love him as much as we do and we need him much more than they do . Igor looks like a bloke who has just woken up to realise that even though he is only 5 foot 8 , he is the only forward at the club capable of heading the ball .
With the Russian rouble in free fall surely the Bournemouth owner would be up for accepting a cheeky offer for Yann.
I can’t help thinking he’s really our man , Yann.

5 thoughts on “Yann

  1. That wont happen, Yann is loved by the Bournemouth contingent – he has just struggled with fitness as of late and we have fitter strikers to start, which is preferred due to the demands of the championship. When FIT – Yann always starts

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