Route One

Perhaps it’s just me but I’m not really a fan of bob’s tippy tappy football. I know it looks pretty and it’s lovely when it works,but has anyone apart from Swansea got promoted from this division having a hundred passes before they passed it into the back of the net.You have to have a couple of tiny blokes in midfield like Leon Britten who can continually drop the shoulder and change the play effortlessly making hundreds of passes without cocking it up – we don’t have players like that.

Boxing day’s 2nd half was the first time this season ,by necessity, when we have turned to route one and we ended up having more chances in 45 minutes than we have had in the previous 3 or 4 games put together.
It was exciting, it was fun , it was joyful , it was thrilling, it was entertainment.
Bob, please can we have some more of the direct stuff.

6 thoughts on “Route One

  1. Tippy tappy football? I would rather see footballers than athlete’s any day. You need technique and intelligence to play tippy tappy football as you call it. That old English mentality hopefully is dying out of our game unless you play for Stoke of course. The days of Alan Curbishley and Chris Powell are well and truly over, thank god! No, we have to be in keeping with the rest of the world and appreciate intelligent, skilful, patient football. Chris Waddle describes our football as we attack, you attack and so on. He’s right! Our culture is still a little backward but our young players are showing more intelligence and I’m afraid some of the fans will have to re-educate themselves also. I would rather get relegated than to smash the ball to a target man!

  2. No, Cardiff payed route one. We don’t want to be like that. More direct, at times, yes, but not the Russell Slade route please!

    • I just want English fans to be more intelligent and admit our love of a target man, 100mph tempo, lingo like good engine, passion instead of technique are a thing of the past. We as fans have to accept we were in the dark ages whilst every other nation had moved on. As far as I’m told we are playing a more continental kind of football which was long over due. How on earth could a young player make the step up to the first team and develop his game in a team that plays the long ball. I’m really pleased with the Manager at present and the likes of Russell Slade, Mark Hughes and Tony Pullis hopefully will be a Manager of the past. Peter Scudamore recently said that our youth are lagging behind. Lies! We now have technically strong players but unlike our European neighbours we don’t give the English kids the chance and our fans still want short term success hence Manager’s being sacked every week.

  3. Sorry but the second half was not route one ,so I really do not know what you are saying ? Nearly everything was on the deck with very crisp passing and movement off the ball . I am a big fan of the type of football BP is trying to play and he/we deserve some success but we probably need to be more patient then most fans would like.

  4. Guys I wasn’t suggesting that we do nothing but the long ball. You have to mix it up a bit , but generally we need to be more direct to make progress in this division. Ipswich had 16 corners tonight – what else do you need to know

    • They will also get relegated within the first season in the premiership and us also. Lets be honest. It’s all about philosophy really. What’s ours? Any form of long ball is just short term success. Like the England set up now let’s have the passing game running through all our teams from youth level to the first team. Why do you want to get promoted anyway?

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