Engine room help needed

Good news that tony watt has finally signed . In addition to scoring multiple hatricks, Lets hope he can head a ball and hold it up to give igor some help and relieve the pressure on the defenders. The beast made his view clear on that one. Surely ,we also need more legs in the middle to have a decent chance of turning it around against Brighton on Saturday. With buyens out and the skipper not looking his usual inspirational self and cousins inexplicably exiled to the wing where he looks completely out of place we are very short of engine room legs. Hopefully the management team are on it. There is some speculation about chalobah from Chelsea who would be welcome.

As an aside, with regard to the debate about zonal marking and our inability to defend set pieces, some of you might remember that not only did Yann win most of the headers up front , but he also used to clear corners and free kicks for fun. Let’s hope our new centre forward, young Tony can use his head defensively too.

One thought on “Engine room help needed

  1. I think you will find he is not a centre forward,more of an alternate to Igor.
    We still need a CF and ,as you say, an attacking midfielder just to be competitive.

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