Ridiculous Charlton

I got a fair bit of stick on here in the summer when I satirised bob peeters new contract as one which guaranteed he would be sacked whatever position we finished in the league. I wasn’t far wrong.
I think in Roland, we landed the Belgian equivalent of Robert Maxwell.
Presumably bob the unknown (but likeable) Belgian will be replaced by xxxxx the unknown Belgian who will be sent a whole host of useless underperforming players from around the lower leagues of continental Europe before being sacked to be replaced by yyyy the unknown Belgian who will be sent a whole host of useless underperforming players….. Second Verse same as the first.

2 thoughts on “Ridiculous Charlton

  1. As I left yesterday I did say to those around me that it was P45 time.
    I wish I had counted the number of free kicks we have wasted this season by passing back in to our own half. Scoring goals, a basic aim of the game, usually entails getting into the opposition half. More time spent in your own half lessens the chance of scoring and increases the chance of costly mistakes,DOH. Surely threatening the opposition goal is the best defence. We frighten nobody now.
    For all the ambition to play good passing football Bob did not have the knowledge of Championship football and our dear owner has misplaced belief that he knows better than the likes of Sir Chris in how to move the team forward. Incidently he is doing OK up north isn’t he.
    Get Curbs or Lennie in as temporary Technical Director to advise Roland on the right manager for the job, probably British, but surely not another mother ship yes man.
    Roger Addick

  2. There’s only one Manager that will get the job and that’s Guy Luzon. What are they talking about that there are more manager’s in the mix. There is no mix!
    We are part of a network which doesn’t work and in my view shouldn’t be allowed to operate. Rarely will our owner look outside his network for Manager’s and players. I love Charlton but it’s what my club have become so best I accept it. For me, with the last two Manager’s it’s the best I have seen Charlton play in the last ten years of watching Charlton. Our shortcomings were lack of investment but for me just below mid table I was happy with that. I mean who are we? Why should we think that we should be any higher in the league? I didn’t like Curbishley’s style of football and nor does it seem other clubs in England. He’s been out of work for a long time and the West Ham fan’s hated his one dimensional philosophy. He was successful but the likes of Mark Kinsella, Newton and Robinson not for me thank you. For a second I think of Tim Sherwood on a three year contract, possession football, everyone patient and realistic. Then I wake up, welcome Mr Luzon I won’t be attending!
    On a separate note, really hope our English kids start going abroad to learn the game. There’s so many technically gifted players here, take Chelsea for instance. I can count at least eight players who are wonderfully talented but won’t get in. Go abroad where the pace is slower and more emphasis on skill rather than pace and power. I think we as fans also need to be more intelligent. Jamie Redknapps
    description of Jack Wilshire. He play’s like a Spaniard, he now needs to think like one! My God a move
    abroad would be just the tonic for him…
    For Charlton how can we expect the like’s of Gomez, Ahearne Grant to progress when we have a new Manager every few months. It destabilizes the club and the playing staff! Are we fans also to blame, probably!!!

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