Bring Back Curbs

Why would we do that ?

1) He saved us from relegation and extinction when we were playing at Upton Park

2) He got us into the Play Offs once

3) He got us into the Play Offs a second time – and got us promoted at the best day of our lives ( sorry Love)

4) He got us promoted as Champions of this Division

5) He built the best team we have ever had with the highest placing , 7th in the Premier League .

6) He’s a bloody fantastic manager    and finally ………………….

He’s available and is prepared to come and we love him

Now why would we do that ?

9 thoughts on “Bring Back Curbs

  1. Yeah… But he is not in R’s network…I don’t think it would do any harm… Might even be GREAT….
    HAPPY NEW YEAR… AlanFromParis (Je suis Charlie)

  2. The impression I get is that Curbs would be far too big a personality for “Roland the Ruthless” and too expensive, I really hope I’m wrong as I think he would be great for us again.

  3. i too have been advocating the messiah’s return for a number of weeks…..BUT….the risk is too great from curb’s point of view. i think he is unlikely to be considered, let alone be able to thrash out an agreement with rolland…..however, maybe as director of football with a younger ‘network’ coach?? when dougie freedman brought in lennie lawrences at palace i wished chris powell had done the same…… time will tell!!

  4. Agree with all your points above, but even Curbs last two years we were playing negative football and he left us with a poor sqaud.
    They say never go back!

  5. The one reason it is unlikely we see AC is he would presumably stick out to be the Manager. He is from the same mould as Sir Chris. There are others out there who know the English championship and what a season in this country involves – Tim sherwood, Martin o’Neill, Neil Warnock no sorry getting carried away!
    Lets face it we are stuck with an owner who has his business plan and will not countenance an employee advising him who to buy or loan to improve the team. Even if Curbs came in as Technical director of Football it would only work if he was consulted and his advice acted on. Katrien cannot add anything on the football side but surely Richard Murray can explain how it works here. The RD model is flawed and we may have to wait some time before we get back on track.
    Our best hope is the dressing room calms down and even if they are playing for a move they get back to the early season form. We may be surprised at the man management skills of our two caretakers on Saturday.

  6. Changing the subject completely. I read today a fan’s comment that Mick McCarthy’s Ipswich do not play the most attractive football but it’s not that bad! Lets be totally honest here, he’s been successful on a tight budget but it’s long ball and it’s absolutely dreadful to watch. Please can we stop this attitude of success at all costs.

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