Unsuccessful Owner appoints unsuccessful Manager

From a shortlist of one, (existing employee , currently working his notice and a lot cheaper) Guy Luzon has been appointed as the new Charlton Manager .
Despite assurances from the CEO that no decisions had been made and that an exhaustive process would be conducted to find the right candidate , the club has indeed confirmed what a random mate of Guy’s in Israel tweeted a week ago which was that he was going to be the next Charlton Manager.

Guy’s extensive cv includes managing a number of poor Israeli teams and losing a Belgian Championship despite having the best team in Belgium at his disposal.
His ‘Coup de grace’ was being so poor at football management that the fans of Standard Liege instituted a riot to engineer his dismissal.

Guy has been given a 2 year contract which is meaningless at Charlton because regardless of finishing position he will be sacked at the end of the season, to be replaced by the current coach of Standard Liege , who himself will be sacked to be replaced by Bob Peeters.

Welcome to Charlton , Guy ………..may the farce be with you.

3 thoughts on “Unsuccessful Owner appoints unsuccessful Manager

  1. Brilliant, may the farce be with you! Describing it perfectly !!! For me, should we go on a ten game unbeaten run with this new guy with the help of two or three players brought in from Standard I still wont be going. Changing the grass and a few new shiny red seats doesn’t hide the fact that a great club like Charlton has become mediocre at best. It’s heart wrenching!! Fan power got us through some very dark days and I’ve got a feeling we are going to need this once again. I will not give this guy my money!!

  2. Our owner has a plan that is doomed to fail but he shows no signs of having a plan B now that FFP has predictably gone right royally out of the window, which for a successful businessman is surprising.

    He is now committed to losing at least £3m a year just to stand still unless he can sell network owned players at sizeable profits and I don’t suppose he is wild about the prospects for that after the last dozen or so games under Big Bob. Even Igor may not be currently worth what he paid for him.

    But what can he do about it? Luzon is effectively a zero-cost roll of the dice to freshen things up in the hope of regaining some momentum and flogging off the likes of Igor and JD in the summer on the back of it. Promoting Damien would have had the same financial effect but he is not a devil known to our owner and we must accept that would have been just as risky based on experience even assuming Damien would have had the respect and support of the players which is not a given.

    If plan B is not going to involve throwing large amounts of speculative money chasing promotion and at the same time involves admitting that plan A is no longer viable (was it ever?) it is going to need our owner swallowing a large slice of humble pie before there is any hope of our club moving in a different direction. Even then we need to remember that a different direction is not necessarily a better direction. Our owner’s backstop position is that the Valley is worth a few bob if push comes to oh bollocks!

    Lets not give up on the situation but we started on a path when the club was sold to Jiminez and co (investors seeking to make money from English football) and that is a path we are still on, whilst having no idea where it will lead and no confidence that any such investor can realistically expect to make a profit, save by finding a bigger fool to sell on to! The hard part now is getting off that path in the absence of someone with a larger ego and wallet who is not fussed about profit for some reason. Unfortunately there is no sign of a true Charlton supporter fitting that profile.

    Worried? Hard not to be.

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