Roland duchatelet doesn’t like English people

Yes, yes I know it’s an international game these days
Well first of all ,he couldn’t care less about the fans of charlton athletic ,who are nearly all English.

Since he has been the owner, despite a high turnover of playing staff, he hasn’t signed a single English player.
He sacked our English manager and his English assistant and has now hired 3 managers and their assistants, none of whom were English.He has also installed a non English CEO with no experience of football or sports franchises or indeed of being a CEO.
He has sent us quite a lot of non English players who are useless, bulot,thuram, Polish Pete, nego , reza, koc to name just a few.
No smiths,browns, armstrongs, arkwrights, sidebottoms or indeed morrisons to be seen.
There are 54 million of us , that’s 5 times as many as Belgium.
Surely someone out there is suitable for a senior role at the club

Does he realise that we play in the English championship and there are many excellent , experienced, successful and talented English chief executives ,football managers and football players ?
Can we have , even just a few , please

4 thoughts on “Roland duchatelet doesn’t like English people

  1. I suspect this isn’t about football or nationality, but it’s all about an experimental notion of a business model unfortunately applied to football.
    The problem is if you bring in anybody experienced and knowledgeable English or otherwise, their opinion will cost an extra wage and their advice will probably contradict the owners plan. They would quite naturally request a bigger squad = more expenditure and that does not seem to be his plan, so the last thing he wants to hear is this, ask Bob. Drive down costs, = cheap, cheap = the network. cheap unfortunately = a network of failures. I believe this is the innevitable outcome for the time being unless we happen to just get lucky for awhile, like we did with Riga. Simple answer, in my opinion what we need is an owner who’s a fan, who’s not too worried about losing money, any offers?

    • This pretty much sums up with wit and some punch the situation as it stands at CAFC and how little there is to be optimistic about. Even if Luzon gets the team winning matches as you point out his expectations in terms of strengthening the squad will rise. Just as Powell, Riga, and Peeters experienced, both Luzon’s (and the supporters’) ambitions will not be embraced unless RD has a change of heart. Win or lose, it would seem that Luzon will sooner rather than later be looking for yet another position elsewhere in the network.

  2. Our situation of course could improve if Roly decides to buy any of, Real Madrid PSV Barcelona Bayern or some other ENGLISH CLUBS.

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