Scouting with Phil

Sparrows lane ; January window ,scouts meeting
Phil ” so I’ve got a few on my target list – there’s a young energetic goal scoring midfielder from Pompey , a tough quick centre half from Plymouth and a strong brilliant in the air forward from Milton Keynes ”
Guy ” sounds great Phil , just a couple of questions .
Are any of them Belgian ? Have they ever played in Belgium ? Do they have any Belgian family ? Do they know any Belgian songs for the pre season tour. Have they ever been to Belgium on holiday ?
Phil; well boss I haven’t checked any of that but they are excellent young footballers and available at sensible prices.
Guy; “I think you’ve rather missed the point Phil .
How about you karel ”
Karel; “well boss I’ve got a few absolute corkers for you.
Firstly a bloke who played for Belgium in the 1966 World Cup. He says he’s still got electric pace least I think that’s what he said , it could have been pacemaker.
Then I’ve managed to persuade the legendary Eddie Merckx out of retirement , you don’t win 4 Tour de Frances without a good engine and a deep knowledge of performance enhancing drugs and finally and this is a real coup I’ve managed to recruit the brilliant Belgian international eden hazard’s older brother , rolandsa”
Guy ; there you are Phil , now that’s what I call proper scouting.
Phil leaves shaking his head and clutching his copy of “Tintin and the case of the disappearing English scout ”

4 thoughts on “Scouting with Phil

  1. The problem for me is not that there’s a lot Belgies about, that’s only natural. But as you said, there’s good young English players who play in the positions that we need players in, who are not also being snapped up. An attempt at a quick fix solution? A patch up when you change managers halfway through the window? I also worry that we will lose our good scouts (like players) if they are not trusted and overlooked. At least a few coming in are from outside the network.

  2. Never fails to make me laugh no matter how low things seem to be. look forward to the next episode. Thompson Twins are just the sort of dynamic duo we need.

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