Bournemouth blueprint

I don’t begrudge Bournemouth their time in the sun. They are due some success after decades of struggle.
We know that their Russian owner is prepared to put in more money than our owner but there are other aspects to bournemouth’s success which really aren’t that difficult to copy. Their team is full of talented British players plucked mostly inexpensively from the lower leagues, Matt Ritchie , Harry Arter, Simon Francis, Mark Pugh , Tommy Elphick, Callum Wilson , Charlie Daniels, Andrew Surman, Steve Cook, Brett Pitman and a few others not to mention the odd highly talented and very championship experienced Breton.
Their management team of Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall are lower league experienced British managers.
The team has been built steadily over a 2 to 5 year period so that players are familiar with each other and understand the system. (Under our current ownership philosophy can you imagine any of our current team still playing for charlton in 3 years time , even the young ones ?)

Tactically they are very good but essentially it’s not that complicated , they play 2 guys up front, one who is particularly good in the air and one who is a quick proven goal scorer. They play 2 wingers and 1 , sometimes 2 overlapping full backs . They move about a lot and play with a high tempo . It is exciting to watch and they rely on their attack to compensate for lack of numbers at the back.

Finally , you feel like they care , they are part of the club building something together, they are on a journey as a team, taking the fans and the town with them.

They don’t look like short term mercenaries like Watford and you know who.
Shame the Russian preferred the Seaside to Greenwich park.
We ended up with a Belgian with less money and a lot less common sense.

5 thoughts on “Bournemouth blueprint

  1. Possession football also my friend! They tend to have footballers in their team rather than athlete’s which we have just signed on a three year contract. A runner! They also build from the back like most European teams and they haven’t got a manager who beats his chest whilst frothing at the mouth. When interviewed before the game he said it’s going to be a tactical kind of game. Now that’s the kind of Manager we want at the club.

  2. Getting more and more a sense of negativity out of your posts. Honest though. I think the general view should be, this shcmuk ain’t gonna stop around forever. And he underestimates us Charlton supporters. We won’t riot and rip up OUR ground (more I call it a ground, not a stadium), what we will do is be incredibly irritating and send them back to Belguim. MK Dons would have been a much more accommodating match and I’m sure more grateful.

      • You all make everything so simple and a bit corny .
        Eddie Howe will move on , the Russian will loose interest. For many years Charlton were the model club and fans all round the country were saying ” look at their model” why don’t we do that !
        Slowly I think we will get more and more out of the youth set up and that will be our strength going forwards . Do not think RD has spent 20 odd million quid for what we have at the moment and if he did not believe in Luzon then he would have sacked him all together ( please give him a chance)
        Look at the players Belgium now produce and that has happened over the last 10 years and is all to do with the youth set up .

        Charlton Forever

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