Terrible , shocking , awful, hopeless, clueless

I could go on . Rotherham are frankly poor and we were even worse. We deserved nothing and scrambled a point.
Now we are in a relegation battle , how do you fancy the likes of buyens, vetokele, gudmunssen, lepoint, watt, bulot in a physical relegation fight away at millwall , Blackpool and Wigan ? I like Harriot but he is a winger and playing him up front as a second striker is just STUPID.
Vetokele looked good in early season but he is poor now , although at least he can head the ball. Do they do heading in Belgium ? None of the midfielders or “strikers” we have had from the network seems able to head the ball.
Apart from the local lads Jordan cousins and Chris solly , we never win the second ball. Rotherham were strong , physical , quick, tough, determined and generally useless.
Lepoint looked like a pub footballer- maybe it was jet lag from Belgium.Hard to believe he can be that bad.
Was there anything good – well Bikey and Ben Haim are perfectly good championship centre halves. The goalie, whoever he is, had a good game , Jordan Cousins was total effort and Chris Solly was well Chris Solly.
As a final point , it is difficult to understand why joe Gomez is not playing somewhere in the team , because he is so obviously a class above the rest of them.
As a final, final point , to play 2 up front , I would have played the welsh international no 9 simon church alongside igor.
We are in big trouble. The crowd is diminishing every week. There is no respect for the owner or manager. To hear’ you don’t know what you are doing ‘ as the manager in the 61st minute of your first home game must be some kind of record.

My mate, who is an experienced and successful sales manager asked me to pose you this question ( after a few vodkas)
If you were the owner or the chief executive running a company and you had hired 4 sales managers in a 12 month period , what would that say about your competence to run a business.

5 thoughts on “Terrible , shocking , awful, hopeless, clueless

  1. I could not believe we would go into this game against an oponenent below us at home with only one striker. These are the games we should be going all out to win. Then when Luczon makes his substitution he takes off Vetokele who had I thought quite a strong game instead of Harriot. He then brings on Lepointe who quite frankly did not know where he was. Finally he brings off Harriot and brings on Gomez. We now have a team that has been totally disorganised by the three substitutions and we of course conceded the equalizer. The crowd was right he didn’t know what he was doing. We are now locked in a relegation battle and quite frankly we haven’t had the attitude for a fight for quite some time and I can’t see where the pick me up is coming from. Well played Jordan Cousins and Chris Solly but where was the rest of the team?

  2. Why don’t you whingers go and support someone else, I’ve been a supporter through the Gliksteins, fans moaning , Hulyer, whinge, Sunley, whinge, we’ve had some strange owners they’ve come and gone, we nearly went to the wall a few times. Who remembers the whip round on the terrace to help buy Ronnie Moore? There was even jealous blogs about the Sheffield Wednesday takeover and they haven’t shown their mettle or cash yet? Get behind your team you WHINGERS COYR

    • Tony
      I’ve still got my certificate for Ronnie Moore . I don’t really understand why you would want to encourage people who support the club to go somewhere else just because they disagree with you.
      It seems to me that we need everybody we can get , moaners and whingers included ( as long as they don’t actually do it at matches – I never boo , for example) The club needs the money.
      From a review of charlton life , twitter , into the valley and other blogs – you run the risk of being the only other person left watching the team ( alongside me !)
      I was one of the 3001 against Halifax in the old 3rd division. If that’s where we are headed again, I will probably be there again , doesn’t mean that I am prepared to acquiesce with a regime that is taking us there.

  3. Why would anyone expect someone with Guy Losing’s c.v.. to know what he’s doing in the English Championship? You want that you hire experience don’t you? Of course he doesn’t know what he is doing. To be fair you could have said much the same about Peeters and that other bloke who is allegedly now in charge of Standard Liege which seems to me one of the most bizarre rumours to have come out of this whole Belgian love-in. I now expect Bob Peeters to turn up at Ujpest Dosza where he can demonstrate a lack of experience in Hungarian football for six months or so.

    I have a track record that allows a whinge. Plenty won’t bother whinging but will just let disillusion with the whole English football scene and how our club is approaching it stop them from going any more. In fact we all know someone like that I am sure.

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