Honey I shrank the club.

Scene :The valley : 2nd February 2015 ,strategy meeting chaired by katrien Meire.
“Ok so we are here to discuss the new initiative for next year.
It’s called Target 5,000. This is an idea I came up with myself for next years 3rd division campaign. It’s similar to previous campaigns that the club used to run called target 10,000 and target 20,000 only it’s a bit, well , smaller. Those campaigns were a bit flimsy because they were run by people who got emotionally involved with the club and didn’t really see the whole money laundering opportunity.

This is a much better idea , this is designed to tap into the clubs traditional fanbase, fishmongers.
I had the idea on the train back from Watford the other day.
Frankly I’m amazed that it took a girl with an MBA from oergenfukenbegenfluken business school to come up with the obvious answer.
Any idiot could have realised that up the addicks is a fantastic opportunity to woo back the original fishmongers who set up the club back in the 1100’s when the king agreed to allow the formation of charlton athletic as part of the magna carta.
Roland took me through all of that when he originally bought the club and told me all about its history which he had methodically researched over many months prior to buying the club.
Only last week, Roland reminded me about how our most famous sons , bobby and Jackie won the World Cup for charlton in 1966 and from that day onwards rolly knew that there would only ever be one true love in his life , well apart from maybe standard liege cos he likes them , and possibly st trudien because he lives there and maybe ujpest dosa because he had a fun night out there once and even at a pinch Carl zeiss Jena, where he used to buy his cameras.

2 thoughts on “Honey I shrank the club.

  1. Your opinion of Roland and the state of the club are in unison with me. My alarm bells started ringing on the day he sold Kerms last Jan. Why on earth would you sell your leading goalscorer when you are in a relegation struggle unless you didn’t have a clue what you were doing. Since then the owner has made mistake after mistake after mistake,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Letting Dervite and Morrison both go and then….signing Johnson as cover for the wardrobe. Genius.

    I guess we will sell Solly for peanuts and bring in someone like Francis after he has gone. Something to look forward to in the summer then.

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