Support the Trust

I think the club is in a dire situation. The owner is obviously a deluded and idiotic megalomaniac who knows nothing about football. The fact that he is rich and has been successful in business does not mean that he is rational.
If you care about your club , we should support the supporters trust and get along to their proposed meeting if you can.
I have joined the trust , I hope you do too.

See their statement here.

16 thoughts on “Support the Trust

  1. I wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole. How many people attended its last meeting, Hardly representative of the fanbase as a whole. And what nasty xenophobic remarks in your post, the Board are doing an excellent job and are working hard with the players to turn results around. We hardly had a peep from you at the start of the season when the team put in a string of good performances.t

    • Who cares how many turned up at their last meeting. Also you probably need to look up the definition of xenophobic , because idiotic and megalomania don’t qualify.
      They played well at the beginning of the season and if the board had supported peeters with some additional players when needed we had a shot at the play offs.
      You seem to be pretty out of tune with general fan sentiment , but hey it’s sometimes good to be the only one

  2. This is a difficult one for all Charlton Fans as they have put money into the club as far as the pitch the stadium training ground. Problem is that some of the existing players who were playing well are useless at the moment, Wiggins, Vetokele, Wilson. We have no midfielder who can create no pace and no wingers, also we miss Henderson who would have saved a few of the goals or at least not been vunerable to the cross. Think the board do not realise that most of the Championship sides would be in the top six of most premier leagues (Germany, france spain, Italy excluded). Players who can not get into Standard Lieges squad are not good or fit enough. Trues fans must get behind the players or else we will go down.

  3. have got to be kidding yourself when stating RD and co care for our club..what DO you think of his giving us a Coach that he sacked from Liege just last October after the fans rioted and threw seats on pitch..also most of the players he’s supplied are ones he don’t want in any of his other teams..
    I’m getting a nausieous feeling just thinking as to what is happening to OUR club..sheila

  4. I agree with the first post here. Also, he or she is not the only one who thinks we should support the board, players, team and the new manager, at this crucial time. (We are the silent majority)!
    Unfortunately, the ‘glass half empty’ brigade always makes the most noise here, as usual, with the endless stream of negativity, and endless doom & gloom!
    United we stand, divided we fall!
    The new manager is undefeated so far. We were unlucky to concede in extra time against Rotherham. Give the ‘guy’ a chance!
    Also, I’m sure Luzon will bring a target man in on loan next week(s), when the loan window opens again. As I’m not surprised that we didn’t sign a Striker before the deadline. As they are the most expensive Players to sign – and, other Clubs will take advantage of you in January, knowing that you are desperate for a Striker!
    We are better off than the bottom 3 Clubs – and, we are only 1 Point away from 12th place! Look at the Table – it’s very tight down there. One win and things will look a lot healthier.
    Please, let’s stay united. Otherwise, the Team will continue to slide. They need our support now! Also, please give Luzon a chance! At least we are harder to beat now, which is a positive start (with a solid foundation to build upon)!
    *Without Duchatelet, we would be Bankrupt! Let’s be realistic here! Who else will pay our bills & wages at the moment?
    The glass is not always half empty!
    Let’s look on the bright side, for once, as it’s the easiest thing in the world to be negative & critical of everything!
    If we can just get behind our New Manager & the Players now, then I am sure that our luck will change! As turning on the Board, and turning on the Club, at this crucial time of the season, is absolutely crazy & completely suicidal! (Otherwise, if we start turning on each other, our New Manager, and the Board – then, Millwall will just start laughing at us even more than usual)!

    • You’re the silent minority the majority want change and want 2 know where the club is heading and the fact that Damien Matthews was heard saying how the soul of the club was being sucked dry says it all. I’m gonna carry on supporting the players but RD can burn for all I care plus not forgetting we ain’t his only club that wants him out standard fans hate him more then we do says something about the man don’t it

  5. Mica – as a fan I can’t stand the far right xenophobe types either, they really intimidate me when I go to matches so am backing the board like you all the way.

    • Steve fair enough although I’m not sure what you are backing the board all the way to actually do?
      So far , and in comparison with our market competition ( in our case the other championship clubs ) we have already endured one battle against relegation , now we are about to get another one.
      Even aside from the lack of communication with the clubs customers ie the fans ,the evidence from our league position and loss of sponsors and diminishing crowds do not imply a successful board strategy.

  6. Hello yes I do really believe they’re doing a great job and as a fan going to games since the day of Curbs will stick with my view. I am not aware of any loss of sponsors. They’ve invested in the pitch and training facilities and at the beginning of the season when the club were riding high in the Championship, there wasn’t all this self-defeating anti Board, Director and CEO diatribe on these blogs, sites, boards etc. I don’t have the knowledge to set up one of my own but rather than the self promotion and propagation of negative views, I would prefer to carry on supporting the team and show some gratitude to the Board for the efforts they are making to turn around the poor run of results. After all the same players, on the whole, were winning games and getting us higher up the division so there is no reason why they shouldn’t be allowed to continue under Guy Luzon and I wish him every success in this feat. Anyone would think these so-called fans want the club to fail so they can get rid of the owners, I wonder if they would be holding these spurious meetings if the Board were all British or English so some of this and the comments many of which are anti foreigner and anti Belgian I keep reading smack of xenophobia to me and this is a nasty turn of events.

    • I entirely agree that any racially abusive comments are totally unacceptable and have done no favours to those who are critical of the way that CAFC is currently being managed. I believe also that most Charlton fans are fair-minded and would have no sympathy with anti-foreigner sentiment muddying the waters of what is essentially a critical view of the running of the football club on the playing side and the parlous state that CAFC could well find itself in very shortly as a result of this. The acquisition of players, has to put it kindly, been haphazard from the moment that the owner began implementing the network system at CAFC and continues in erratic fashion with the latest arrival of an unfit player (many of the others were also unfit both physically and for purpose) who has not featured for his club this season and much of last.
      There seems to be no rationale behind the acquisition of players in terms of their ability, character or suitability for Championship football. There is of course, in an immediate sense, the loan system through which some of the problems might be addressed so we will have to wait and see what emerges from that. I wish Luzon every success as I did Peeters, Riga and Powell but somewhere along the line the owner has to realise that unless the right players are brought to the club and a head/coach or manager given sufficient time to work with good resources then there will be unrest amongst the supporters. There is no doubt in my mind that CAFC is in a relegation battle and that fact does not allow me to take the view that the board (effectively the owner) is or has been doing an excellent job.

  7. I think the Board are doing a good job and they started well but could be better advised when it comes to player acquisitions. It is disappointing in that we have Richard Murray sitting there who might offer some counsel or at least signpost the scouts to better players from within the Championship or loan market but that doesn’t seem to be happening. I don’t believe Mr Duchatelet is a closed book if the case is convincingly made for the recruitment of certain players to plug the gaps and weaknesses in the squad particularly at striker level.

  8. To be fair, “deluded idiotic megalomaniac who knows nothing about football” does not as far as I can see contain any traces of xenophobia.

    I am not saying he is deluded, idiotic or any of those things. I could say he is Belgian which would be a fact but so what? What I can say is that his plan looks to have a flaw in it now that FFP has been shown up to be the farce that it always looked like being and it’s not clear what any Plan B might look like. So the Trust may have a role to play but at the end of the day when you have paid £millions you are not bound to listen to a group that would be hard pushed to raise a hundred grand.

  9. The point is when Jiminez and Slater were Directors, and I have every admiration for what they achieved, do you remember seeing the word ‘English’ after some of the vitriol and negativity which was aimed at them. I certainly don’t. I am increasingly reading ‘Belgian’ owners as if this by implication is a negative or derogatory, the emphasis on the fact they are foreign rather than they are just owners and to me this is tantamount to xenophobia coupled with the anti foreigner rubbish I have seem from some posters, not necessarily on here.

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