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I am a massive fan of Richard Murray . In a lifetime of unremitting pain and embarrassment as a Charlton fan , he gave me one of the best moments of my life at wembley in 98 and he gave me the best team I have ever seen , playing lovely football, competing and winning in the premiership for 7 years. The guy poured millions into the club and persuaded others like Maurice hatter , another lifelong fan , to put significant funds into the money pit, so that we could all go and have a great time. I was very proud to be a Charlton supporter , probably for the only time in 40 odd years of support.
When I travelled abroad , people knew about Charlton. When I was lying in my hotel room in Dubai once there was a TV Channel devoted to Charlton games. When I visited the floating market in Bangkok , there was a local selling fruit off his canoe , wearing a charlton Mesh team shirt. You could go to Hong Kong and the knock off markets were selling Charlton team shirts. Richard Murray was the bloke who got us to that level.

Eventually,he got to a point where he couldn’t or wouldn’t put more money in, for whatever reason, but who could blame him , he had done his bit. Obviously along the way he made the odd mistake, Les Reed, Ian Dowie and probably sacking Pardew a bit too early , but on the whole , he has been magnificent. He has been a great communicator with the fans and he is a bloody nice bloke. Which brings me to today . We have been pretty unlucky with our last two owners. Slater and Jimenez were just slimy chancers moving someone else’s money around.
Duchatelet is a deluded egocentric geriatric.

Richard has stuck around because he is a FAN . He is the only fan on the board – in that sense he is just like you and me. He screams and shouts and celebrates when we win and he is sad and depressed when we lose. I know he is getting his share of abuse and negative comments on the fan forums, but when the trust meets next week , I hope one of the outcomes is to try and enlist Richards help and support.

I watched the Luzon appointment press conference. It was embarrassing and I squirmed for Richard. It was uncomfortable viewing. He is a proud bloke and he is basically one of us. I suspect that Duchatelet listens to no one , even his psychiatrist and the many voices in his strange head , but it’s worth trying to get Richard to speak for us because he, unlike us, at least, has direct contact with the idiot owner and he CARES like we do.

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  1. Well said. I think he is the one person with potential connections to get us out of this mess. The trust meeting is an interesting one. I can’t attend but the meeting but I think that the following approach is important:

    It needs to be controlled and not just a depressing list of criticisms which will undoubtedly occur. We don’t need to know that this is a low point. Post match reaction is always emotional and prone to overstatement. However 2 days after the Norwich game I feel the same. We have all seen Charlton struggle before but this time it feels different. The fans can smell it and the players are not buying in to the new manager. The focus needs to be on coherently articulating to the Board the concerns of the fans.

    We may have been spoilt during the Murray/Varney years but effective communication now is just non existent. The only communication we see is Luzon explaining why we did not win. Bob had personality, Riga had calming reassurance, Powell had love and empathy for the club. Luzon appears to have none of these qualities.

    Unless this (communication) changes I think that there needs to be a fan vote of no confidence due to a lack of communication of a coherent strategy for the club – the only comment from KM has been her spirited defence filmed on the Tube. If she has the stomach for this fight ( and I would not blame her if she didn’t) then she needs to be given the opportunity (invited) to communicate it. Currently there is a huge void.

    Speaking for myself, the price of a season ticket (within reason) is not what motivates me to attend. “Hope” makes me attend and currently I feel there is very little. Fans are all investors in the club. We don’t own shares but we do want to feel that we are part of the club we are proud to support. If I don’t recognise Charlton as my club, then hard as it may be, I will find less emotionally unrewarding things to do on a Saturday.

    Questions for KM
    1. What is the plan if we get relegated – which is a distinct possibility.

    2. With Financial Fair Play being the cornerstone of RD’s strategy this has been all but blown out of the water – so what is the strategy now.

    3. Does KM think that the Network strategy is working – at a) player level and b) management level.

    4. With the current atmosphere around the club how are you going to retain our best players and attract better players?

    5. What season ticket renewal rate are you planning for next season.

    If there are not any sensible, if not satisfactory answers, then the only hope for the club is for RD to sell it – but who would buy Charlton now when it is such a basket case unless the price is right.

    Which is where Richard Murray comes in…

  2. As a season ticket holder i dont think that i will be renewing it if the club goes down iv had it dont want to watch div one again sorry and the wrong manager.

  3. Richard will forever have a place in all fans hearts for the glory years, but this article papers over his responsibility for the decisions that brought us to the situation we are now in. It stems from his decision to not use Curbs experience to help recruit his successor, appoint Dowie not because he was the best but because of a personal spat with Jordan and taking too long to relieve Pardew of his responsibilities (and having to honour the contract which he must have sanctioned and pay £1m to Pardew within 6 weeks when the club was on its financial knees). These and other decisions led us to a situation where we were no longer an attractive proposition and allowed the Spivs to take ownership and lead us to Duchatalet.

    So by all means praise Richard, rightly so, but let’s not pretend he is unblemished.

  4. Thank you for the reminders…much of my support since as a boy my dad and uncles along with my cousins used to walk to the valley after the war..Sam Batram, Gordan Hirst and Eddi Fermani were heros…I went away to sea and then lived have followed at a distance until living in Kent and my boys being junior redswe could get to the home games. For the last 30 years I have lived on Shropshire…have managed away games Walsall, Birmigham Wolves and the occasional Boxing day game. Saturday with Terry and Peter on Charlton Player is appreciated. It is good to hear a positive word from you…thank you for the insight regards Richard Murray…it blessed me.
    We so easily forget the glory days as here we are again in the dog fight nearing the drop zone and a unproven coach at the helm…we lost a good manager and some great players with CP’s departure…all down hill since.So grateful for Rolands intervention and injection of finance and pitch refurbishment…just wish we had a manager who was free to manage and build instead of the recycling of SL players on the payrole not making it in Belgium. Anyway Charlton forever …things can only get better…the key has always been in the manager and his man management and moivational skills.I love passion on the touch line….how about Paulo Di Canio back at the valley?

  5. David – an interesting suggestion ….. but DiCanio would no doubt go the same way as Sir Chris the moment he refused to implement one of Duchatelet’s dictats on who to play and what tactics to use! In fact, there probably wouldn’t be much left intact in the room after these two had ‘discussed’ the issue….
    The problem is the owner. Unless he changes tack and listens to those who know the game and the club – and I understand that a deputation of players made their views known on the problems at the club some weeks ago – then there is simply no hope. He will never appoint anyone who is not going to listen to him and act as his puppet.
    Cast your minds back to the January 2014 transfer window….. look at the clowns that he brought in, most of whom Sir Chris refused to play as they simply weren’t Championship standard, look at the player he sold (as I understand it he wouldn’t countenance a modest wage increase to reflect what Yann did in the promotion season and to pay the going rate for a good Championship player) and what he has since done at Bournemouth. Sir Chris was right, Duchatelet was wrong.

    Richard Murray is sitting on the Board – probably because he still has a financial interest in the club, but no doubt with a gagging clause attached. Having Richard on the inside is better than having nobody there, but he really should be making his views known on the present farce. If for no other reason than to let the small number of people who refuse to see anything wrong at the Valley know that the ship is a few hundred metres from the rocks that are going to sink it down to division 1, and quite realistically, down to division 2.

    Duchatelet hasn’t yet sussed that it’s easier to spend money to try to retain the club’s Championship place than it is to get out of that cess-pit that is the first division. He had the chance in January during the transfer window and in appointing a new manager and he blew it on both fronts.

    My friends, the club that we love so much is doooomed. The only reason that they may just, by the skin of their teeth, be playing in the Championship next season is that there are 3 worse clubs than us in the division. If that is the case, unless Duchatelet sees the light and changes his whole approach to our club then we’ll see the same again next season until we finally get relegated.

    The only hope for the club if for the Belgian idiot to cash in his investment and go off and buy two or three other poor European clubs with what he could get for us. The problem we have is who would be daft enough to buy a club in the position that Charlton finds itself? I don’t think Richard would fancy being involved so closely again…..

    By the way, I’m not a doom-monger but a realist. I’ve been here before with the club – remember the 1980’s and the High Court appearance when we were within minutes of going out of business and out of the league? Even during those torrid times there was at least hope – this time our only hope relies upon a megalomaniac declaring that his tactics are flawed and that he will change his whole outlook. I can’t see that happening …. can you? I really sincerely hope I’m wrong, but………

    • Mark I think quality wise there asre three clubs worse than us, but I fear there are not three clubs with less commitment than us. Millwall are three points below us in the relegation zone and who would put any money on us coming away from there with three points. We hardly ever did it in the good times so I doubt we will do it in the bad times.

      The only saviour I see is “Football is a funny old game!” and maybe the unexpected may happen but I don’t see us winning against forthcoming Wigan, Huddersfield or Millwall and after you take them out of the equation it gets tougher.

  6. Mark makes good points. The problem we face if Roland’s way is not the way for us is who buys us next? I’ve said before that we will need a fan like Richard Murray but with even deeper pockets and there is no sign of that person anywhere. So until there is an Addick fanatic in receipt of a massive Euromillions rollover we will remain on an uncharted course. But I do agree with Albury’s sentiments. We have much to thank Richard Murray for despite his less auspicious latter years at the helm.

    Where is Roger Alwen these days? Is he sufficiently loaded (and bonkers enough) to be our white knight once more?

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