Fan contract

What is the deal as a football supporter?
Firstly let’s be clear , there is no football club without customers ie supporters.
There really is no point in owning a football club if no one wants to come and watch the matches.

The reason fans come to watch matches is a complex mix of geographical accident, familial obligation and history,interest in sport and a desire to be entertained plus many other reasons.
Fans don’t really care who owns or indeed manages or even who plays for the club.
In return for their attendance , fans want their team to win and be successful. Often the team isn’t successful and in that event, most supporters will continue to attend if they can see and believe that sensible steps are being taken to improve results.
That is the fan contract between the owner and the supporter.

If supporters don’t feel any real ambition from the owner to improve results, and particularly in the face of no communication or inept communication they lose hope and faith and many stop going to matches.

It’s not complicated. Our steadily diminishing attendances reflect not only the poor results but also the belief that the fan contract has broken down.

I hope that tonight’s meeting and more importantly the trust meeting tomorrow eventually leads to a rebuilding of the fan contract.

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