Push on Charlton

Firstly a bloody fantastic result last night, which makes for a lovely weekend and optimism returning. Well done to everyone , new manager , players and the brave fans who made the journey

To be frank as I said in my last blog , fans only really care about the results.The majority of fans don’t make moral judgements about where the money comes from and would be delighted if colonel gadaffi was the owner if he put tons of money in to buy good players. Look at the dodgy owners of both Chelsea and Man City. Lets be honest , even though roman abramovich has effectively robbed every man , woman and child in Russia , we’d have been delighted if his helicopter had landed at the valley.

If charlton started winning every week , loads more people will come and watch again and all is well with the world. All the stuff about warm feeling , cuddly , ‘different’ charlton to my mind is a load of cobblers.

Just a bit of perspective on this mini revival is required. Lucky Guy (long may it continue) has been able to pick Steven Henderson, which poor old bob didn’t have available during the losing run. Secondly, we have had a 2nd centre half available ie Roger Johnson to give Bikey a break. Bob had Morrison and we should have kept him.
Guy has been able to play a proper 2nd striker, ie not network George but network Tony ,which wasn’t a choice open to poor old bob.
What we have really needed all season is 2 decent strikers and at least 1 if not 2 proper wide players. Last night we had Bulot, Gudmunssen, Eagles and Harriot all playing out wide at some point.

None of this was really a surprise to any of us who watch every week was it.
Maybe if Guy sits with us in the east stand and then phones Roland after every game , Roland will trust him and we will get what we need and not 1 bloke up front , no wingers and 6 kids on the subs bench.
If so , we will all be happy- it’s not complicated.

Anyway let’s hope the run runs and runs. We need to keep progressing and not just trying to avoid relegation every year. That will keep everyone happy.

2 thoughts on “Push on Charlton

  1. Good article. Terrific win. The win is very welcome. True some supporters have very short memories or are willing to gloss over what has gone before, after a couple of decent results.It is a case of selective myopia though to pretend that the network strategy is perfect and everything mistake and stumbling this season is all part of the master plan or is justified.

    If better quality players are made available, which enables two strikers up front, some pace on the wings, and the weaknesses in the team are addressed. This alongside playing players in their best positions, there is a good chance of positive results. As you say it is not rocket science.

    Great to be able to enjoy the weekend football though knowing Charlton have a win in the bag.

    • I personally would NOT have welcomed Ambro’rich’ or any other bad money mercenaries.
      I had pride in plucky little Charlton, as an independent family club and role model to all others who want to build slowly.
      I agree perfomances are what counts though and most (myself included) were very happy at the beginning of the season while we had great results and beautiful footie.
      I would like to see and join in applause for Powell in the 3rd minute to show him our appreciation and hopefully make CM sqirm a little.

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