A Happy Place

Football is really amazing in its capacity to serve up despair and delight in relatively short order.
I was at my lowest ebb in many a year before the Brentford game and now I’d quite like to sit in my seat at the Valley all week regardless of whether there is a game going on. Even time wasting is now entertaining – how great is that !
All credit to Luzon for making some changes and recovering the team confidence . Tony Watt, Watt , Watt ( so good they named him at least twice) has made an enormous difference replacing the hapless George. Sad to say that the Skipper’s injury has allowed Cousins to play brilliantly in the centre where he should have been all season. Add to that a winger who has come back from the African Nations Cup in great form and we now have a proper attack.
The defence was always pretty good anyway , particularly with the excellent Henderson back – but as they say attack is the best form of defence.

Its a real shame we didn’t strengthen earlier because without the mid season collapse we would have been a shoo in for the play offs.
I guess we have to hope and pray that Roland the unpredictable decides to keep all the best players for next season.
Meanwhile , its nice to be smiling all day.

2 thoughts on “A Happy Place

  1. Aint ourn doin well under Guy which is wot I always knew would appen, Them boo boys n trust should be ashamed theirselves.

  2. A happy place doesn’t quite do it for me, more like bloody ecstatic. A solid defence, a battling midfield and a couple of hard working forwards is what we have always been about since I started watching them in another life in the late 1960’s. Before the revival against Brentford I thought that had all been lost , not now though. I don’t know why the spirit has returned and don’t really care. Owners will change , coaching staff will change and players will change , but as long as the team show spirit like this I will continue to support them win, lose or draw.

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