To renew or not , that is the question

There will be much gnashing of teeth and reading of the tea leaves in SE London and even further afield here in the leafy villages of Guildford to determine whether to renew season tickets for 15/16. Actually I’m fibbing a bit because I bought 2 twenty year season tickets back in 97/98 , so I’m stuffed even if I wanted to pack it in. I note with sadness that 2 long term bloggers , drinking during the game and the blackheath addick have both decided to call it a day. I suspect there will be a significant drop which is very bad news given the new billionaire ownership at Paralysis and the West Ham move to the Olympic stadium.

Perhaps the clubs innovative marketing department can conjure up another sex related campaign to boost renewals. Given the average age of most charlton season ticket holders a campaign based on ‘ watching charlton , it’s better than sex’ might however be preaching to the converted.

The club will need to work much harder on sensible communication with the fans to try and stop the defections. The trouble is that the owner doesn’t appear to communicate that much with the CEO and so she can’t really properly articulate a vision or indeed even a plan to supporters without any individual authority to do so.

I really don’t understand why the ownership don’t come out and say we are working and planning to be challenging for promotion next year or in 2 or 3 years time and we will put the resources in place to do so. All this we don’t want to put a timescale on it is a load of nonsense . We want ambition and we want to be told about it. Some people will say that they don’t want to be a hostage to fortune etc , but I’ve run a number of businesses bigger than Charlton and I am sure that the benefits of having clearly articulated goals and target with a vision ( even if you don’t always achieve them) significantly outweigh the downsides.
I am really hoping that the clubs owner sees the light on this point.

With regard to yesterday , I thought Blackburn were the best team I have seen at the valley this season – hard to believe they aren’t challenging for promotion.

7 thoughts on “To renew or not , that is the question

  1. Unfortunately your ‘vision’ is a business related one and all thats wrong about football today. You either support your team or you dont. Who cares that West Ham are moving into the Olympic Stadium just up the road or that Palace are in the Premiership? I live 15 miles for the Amex but I dont support Brighton because I was born into being an Addick.
    Even with my lack of business nouse, and do undertand what you are saying, but we have all seen teams spend a fortune and still miss promotion, Bournemouth have no stars (not even Yann to be really honest) but they are challenging.
    I jsut want to go along and see us compete. I dont agree Blackburn were the best team we have seen, they took advantage of a back four who should have stayed at home and if we had played as we know we can we could have beaten them.
    I will be renewing next year, having threatened not to, not because of any vision, but because Charlton are my team and they have priced very competetively again and Valley Express has been maintained. Had the latter been terminated then it would have meant game by game tickets fro me. But I would not infil that with football elsewhere.

    • Mick , my point about palace and west ham is partly selfishness that I would rather be in their financial position , but it is also about competition for supporters. You and I will obviously be charlton supporters for the rest of our lives , but we want kids and new supporters to come to the valley . It’s entertainment and we have to compete for fans with our neighbours . It’s not all about heritage and birthright and that stuff . We want a strong and growing fan base to secure the future and to help the club financially. You and I might continue to watch charlton come hell or high water wherever we live , but unfortunately we are the unusual ones .

  2. That is what is so weird with all of this. I cannot believe to be as successful as he appears to be each of his businesses do not have a plan and if they do he does not tell anyone what the plan is. This is pure stubbornness and stupidity.

  3. Yeah I can’t understand all them negative bloggers meself, I n arf lookin forward to goin next season n supportin CAFC, I’d even elp the club ahrt with promotin our gaff juss by givin ahrt flyers. I aint into all this vision when if ourn are improvin results n winnin games under Guy, which as been appenin more of late, then thass good enough for me your a2c.

  4. I think what Albury is on about is the powers that be communicating with the “customers” (ugh!) some reasons to stick with the “product” (double ugh!!). In football, to some large extent you can leave the product to speak for itself when you are winning 3-0 most of the time. But (and here is the Beyoncé moment when a big but appears) that doesn’t work when you are on a run of 12 games with no wins and have a manager who says “that’s football, there is nothing you can do” (Peeters’ trademark press conference uttering) . Now I am fine with all these 3-0s. But if we should go off the boil again it will help to understand the medium and long term plan.

    Unfortunately, No, FORTUNATELY ( I wouldn’t want to support anyone else especially Palace or WHU), like Albury and Mick I am an Addick for life but that’s not a reason to be taken for granted.

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