3rd lowest budget in championship

In katrien meire’s recent interviews she made the point that charlton fans need to be realistic about their expectations because we have the 3rd lowest budget in the championship .
If this is going to be the ongoing ‘modus operandi’ it is rather depressing.

In all divisions there is plenty of evidence over the years which indicates that finishing league position is highly correlated with annual budget. There is, of course, the odd exception, like burnley where the team hugely exceeded expectations. This is however the exception not the rule. It is great that we are currently basking in the glow of a period of brilliant results and free flowing attacking play – long may it continue.

Nevertheless , if it is the Duchatelet plan to continue with the 3rd lowest budget in the championship , then the probability is high that a battle to avoid relegation becomes the norm.

2 thoughts on “3rd lowest budget in championship

  1. Alternatively (and I’m by no means convinced) it could be that by pooling resources, minimising outlay on agents etc we can compete in midtable spending less money and with a bit of luck and one or two additional gems (Vertokele and Whatt finally good examples), we could have an outside chance of making the playoffs and going up!?

    Do all fans really want their club just to splash the cash and bulldoze their way into the premier league I don’t think so (I honestly don’t) and if we fail then comes a high chance of financial ruin!?
    We just want to know that we can start the season with hope and a chance of making the playoffs if we do things right and things go our way.

    I would say that the championship’s competitiveness is something that sets it apart from the premier league and to actually achieve promotion this season for example will have taken a lot of hard work and shrewd management which is a skill to be praised in itself rather than who spent the most money overall (although I appreciate that those top 8 clubs probably do have the largest budgets this season)

    In summary while all Charlton fans are naturally skeptical (I don’t champion networks of clubs either) surely trying to be competitive while spending less simply makes sense for everyone if it means our club is sustainable in the long term!?

  2. We must have been one of the lowest budgeted teams for the last 8 years with owners who really have no true feelings for the club..Phil Parkinson or Chriss did not have any money to spend..Phil Parkinson never knew what player was going next from week to week..we have a new pitch which was most proberbly cash from selling our talisman YANN..who incidently can’t stop scoring for Bournemouth like he did for us.Until we have get an owner that does want to spend REAL money on us we will carry on struggling..the likes of Jimenez and now Duchatelet I don’t see a bright future for us..Sheila

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