Where’s JonJo ?

Admittedly I don’t really pay too much attention to the Premier League , but watching England last night , we started by playing 3 midfielders in Delph, Jones and Henderson who are all essentially defensive and none of whom ever seem to be able to ‘ pick a pass’ unless it’s a square ball. I can’t see how we will ever beat the better teams and win any kind of tournament without at least one central creative midfielder who can do unusual, strange and wonderful things. I don’t understand why they don’t give our Jonjo a run out in these types of games . There is much more chance of him developing into a Pirlo than the 3 chosen last night. If not Jonjo, then surely there must be someone else. The second half was much better because Carrick is capable of passing a ball forward , but , good player though he is , he’s not the future is he ?

By the way , listening to Glenn Hoddle , what on earth is he talking about. Is he speaking English ? His tactical insight is almost as straightforward as Russell Brand’s views on politics.

Anyway, turning to Friday, even though Millwall are shockingly bad and we are full of confidence – history tells us to expect the normal result ,unless maybe Glenn is helping Neil Harris with his team talk.

One thought on “Where’s JonJo ?

  1. England’s right back lumps it from the half way line, while the Italian left back takes on a centre half – playing midfield – in the defensive right back position to create a goal. England are tactically and technically inept. Square ball, hoof ball, let em have it ball, headless chickens ….. nothing changes.

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