Poor end to season

Well done Bournemouth , they were the best team in the division and thoroughly deserved both the title and to give us a sound tonking . It was 3-0 but could easily have been 7 or 8. We were pretty hopeless all over the pitch.
I know it’s the end of season and doesn’t matter , but it’s so frustrating watching us send long high balls up to 2 strikers who don’t do heading. It means that we lose possession and put ourselves under pressure all the time. We have free kicks and corners all of which repeatedly come to nothing because no one can head the ball.
The other thing is what on earth has happened to Igor ?
Early season he was virtually unplayable and now he appears to have acquired the close control skills of izale Macleod.
He’s has gone off the boil in spectacular fashion.
Bournemouth showed what can be done with some astute purchases of largely british experienced players – let’s hope we strengthen up over the summer with some similar purchases and for heavens sake, can at least one of them be someone up front who can head the ball and hold it up .
Enjoy your summer everyone.

2 thoughts on “Poor end to season

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  2. I enjoyed it meself, thass why Bournemouth won the championship cos there the better team. Still I’ve got ourn dahn for the play-offs next season n thass wass goin to appen.

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