Overnight Success not for Charlton

It was a great relief that Guy has confirmed in The South London Press that we are not going for overnight success . To be told that we are going to continue to look for ever so slow success or even practically no success at all will certainly have most of us sleeping easier in our beds this summer.

The thought that we might have been planning to take the Championship by storm was really starting to worry a fanbase used to decades of no success, hardly any success or ever so slight success.

I , for one, am much reassured , that we will continue on our path of meagre , small step , and frequently regressive success so that eventually when total success is declared, none of us will have been surprised that we have achieved it.

6 thoughts on “Overnight Success not for Charlton

  1. Come on Mr Albury Addick lets have some motivational blogs. Saga louts can get over pre occupied with guys dressed up in French outfits thinking they really understand onions, Garlic, humminmg La Marsaillaise and learning how to shave their mustash when consuming vast quantities of strong laqer. Please Lets pull together as one big team and get behind those small steps as it worked on the moon !
    To quote Hemut Schmidt (Ex Covered End) Whoever wants to reach a distant goal must first take small steps. Look at Bournemouth..
    Over the last season the owners have invested in the ground and certainly stabilised a fast sinking ship. The mistakes were made for sure but they do now deserve breathing space and for us all to pull together a truly great football club that we all love !

  2. Are you seriously saying you don’t want success? What’s the point ! Surely it’s about being able to revel in wins and celebrating like Bournemouth did last week. Otherwise what’s the point in watching mundane boring football!
    You may as well bring back Parkinson or les reed or go watch Bromley. No wonder the atmosphere isn’t what it used to be if there’s more if you whispering us to success!

  3. We aint all into success juss for success sake n Luzon aint even been gaffer for one full season yet so give im a chance. The boo boy brigade n their ilk never ave achieved anythin dahn our gaff.

  4. Bah humbug! I agree that it will mostly be two steps forward and one step back, and the odd extra back, once in a while. We seem to have a good coach and I am confident that other players will be added, most of whom will have something to offer. The big clear out included some expensive and not so good players, so hopefully scope for Guy Luzon to add some quality and/or certain potential.

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