Ned Sheeran Concert

While the hopelessly addickted and infeasibly optimistic were wandering down welling way , the wife and I were battling through traffic to the ed sheeran concert on Wembley way  ( for some reason the wife thinks he’s Ned) . Anyway , suffering from a passing desire to connect with the youth of today, I had booked tickets even though I don’t really like his music.  I have to confess that I have absolutely no idea why anybody goes to pop concerts . It’s a complete mystery to me .

We went to the concert but I couldn’t be sure if it was actually Ned on stage because I would have needed a telescope of Jodrell Bank proportions to see who the tiny spec of ginger on stage was.  Then it started and the bass and reverberation around Wembley was so loud , I thought my heart rhythm had been permanently disturbed. Ned started singing , least I think he did , but I couldn’t make out any of the words . Luckily by this time , my ears had started to bleed so I had something else to concentrate on.

An hour or so of torture later , he launched into that nice ballad about how he waits to fall in love until hes twenty three purely because it rhymes with seventy . It’s a really nice song , so the couple in front of us got up at that point to go and get a beer while the couple behind us launched into a lovely chat about their pets?

The highlight for me was when the completely shaven and round headed bloke in front of me kept popping maltesers throughout the performance and I turned to my wife and said that guy should have listened to my dear old mum when she said if you keep eating those you’ll ending up looking like one .

I know it’s not good form to laugh at your own jokes but that kept me chuckling for the rest of the agonising night .

2 thoughts on “Ned Sheeran Concert

  1. Sounds like a real fun night out Albury. Can I suggest next time seeing the – ahem – ‘older artiste’? We saw Glenn Tillbrook of Squeeze fame at the weekend at a small theatre with about 500 others. We marvelled at his guitar virtuosity and heard every word…and my ears hardly bled at all….

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