100-1 for the Title

Betstar – who frankly I’ve never heard of – are offering the best odds for Charlton to win the title . Totesport and Betfair are around 66-1 or 70-1. On top of that they are offering a free ( with a number of strings attached) £50 bet. I have to admit that even though the odds on CAFC winning the Championship title ought to be 1000-1, it is just a little bit tempting to open an account just to complete this mad bet.

Who knows what this season will bring with so many new faces on board . The salesstaff and sales managers amongst us ( the optimists) will expect a Top 6 finish whilst the accountants and back office staff ( the pessimists) will expect a battle against relegation.

The pragmatists ( me included) expect mid table again. Although we have an obvious weakness in central defence in comparison to last year, the other concern must be who is going to score the goals with Vitokele continually struggling against injury.

Anyway, at this rate , I won’t be  there to see the QPR game because I have yet to receive my season tickets – aaarrgghhh !!

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