Someone is fibbing about season tickets

As we speak  I am scanning the sky for the carrier pigeon bringing my season tickets . The club informed me on Monday morning that they had already been dispatched to me, but they haven’t arrived.

This doesn’t make any sense unless the Royal Mail has deteriorated to 3rd world delivery standards .

I never really understand why they split deliveries either , bearing in mind I got 1 of my 3 tickets a week ago. Although that’s been going on for so long in terms of how many databases you are on , it seems churlish to complain about that .

What on earth is going on Charlton ?????

9 thoughts on “Someone is fibbing about season tickets

  1. Well the good news is that’s all you have to moan about at the moment 🙂 I’m sure your ticket will arrive in good time for the game Saturday and yes the Royal Mail have definitely got worse although they do make a good profit for the shareholders of course. COYR!!!!

  2. Why is it whenever the current management tries to take a step forward, guys like you have to pile in with criticism?
    Can’t wait till Saturday to hear everyone moaning about have to wait 10 more seconds for their card to scan!

    • Marko
      Its not unreasonable to point out that its the Wednesday before the Saturday and the season tickets haven’t turned up . I couldn’t care less if its paper or credit card . In fact the credit card seems like a very good idea.
      When you renew your season tickets literally 5 minutes after the end of last season , I don’t think its unreasonable to expect them to have arrived by now . A number of my mates are in the same situation , so its not just me.
      Its also tricky if , like me , you have to then send on one of the tickets in the post to another mate .
      They send out season tickets every year, so I’m not sure why it should prove so difficult this year ?

  3. Albury, I was told my tickets (four in total, my son and daughters first full season) had actually been printed twice and despatched twice. They still haven’t turned up in today’s post.

    However I took the opportunity to visit the ticket office in person, whose staff duly obliged me by printing (apparently for the third time) a new set of four tickets, which I have safely in my possession. Agreed all a bit odd, but none the less can’t wait for Saturday to come!

    • Scoops
      Yes, I think the staff have always been very helpful to me so no complaints there, but there’s definitely something strange going on . They’ve promised to print duplicates for me too.
      You have to wonder what has happened – perhaps it was the Millwall supporter at the sorting office who just chucks them away – I’m sure that happened a few years ago

  4. The club has published an apology of sorts, attributed to Ms Meire whose previous silence was deafening. It sort of blames the fiasco (let’s face it, this is basic stuff) on some sort of database issue.

    If the club was being run smoothly and this was an isolated cock up then it would be easier to forgive but it ain’t so it ain’t. People who have paid for tickets months ago should not have to sweat on their arrival at the eleventh hour. In fact it was only in the previous game that a section of ST holders were shat upon by the club by being told that they had no right to sit in their seats. Great customer care that one.

    Next season I strongly recommend sending back ST applications with no money making it clear that payment will be made immediately following delivery.

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