Dear Guy/ Katrien & Roly

Any chance you could have a whip round , check down the back of the setee , pool any monies we were going to spend on Jodi Jones, James Henry , Brad Jones and any other goalies, wingers and full backs and bring Yann back to the Valley for the season , so we can get promoted . I’d be willing to take a chance without a replacement winger, right back and goalie just to get Yann back so he could head all these inviting crosses into the back of the net.

Hes not playing at Bournemouth and they look like they are going to get Jermaine Defoe now .

The stats don’t lie , 53 goals in the last 143 games , including a whopping 24 goals in 54 games last year. What with Tony , Igor , Simon, Johnann and all the others we’d be a shoo in for the play offs, infinity and beyond.

4 thoughts on “Yann

  1. Thanks but no thanks.

    Great as he was for us he would be expensive, would have no resale value and, at his age, with his injury record, could fail to start half of our games. With Igor looking like he will spend a lot of time in the treatment room we, really, need another striker with a fantastic injury record – not one with a poor record.

  2. You’re going to need to go along to your local YAA meeting. My name’s Albury Addick and I’m a Yann addict!!
    Time to move on m8!!!

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