Watching Charlton , the agony and the ecstasy

As the (even older than me ) bloke in front stood up , threw his imaginary season ticket to the floor and stormed out just after Hull scored their offside goal in the 90 something minute , I thought at his age it was a bit melodramatic particularly for the 2nd game of the season , perhaps his dog had been run over that morning, anyway, I did think he ought to know better by now – it’s football – and the Johann goal in the 97th minute gave us what we all come for – the sheer ecstasy of it all. Now let’s be honest, if you could pick a way to win , it would always be in the last minute of added on time wouldn’t it ?

The only thing is that when I put in a shift in the sweltering heat like I did yesterday , heading every ball away from our penalty area and then mustering all my energy to get up the pitch when we were attacking and then somehow , when I’m completely out on my feet , sweating profusely and looking forward to my cup of tea , I manage one final lung busting run to get on the end of big simon’s flick on in the 97th minute , I find it a bit difficult to muster any sensible conversation with the wife when I get home or indeed any kind of emotional connection . Even the dog gets ignored . It’s our 29th wedding anniversary today and it’s a good job I bought the flowers and card a couple of days ago . I haven’t been able to move since Guy jumped on my back.

That old boy in front of me missed all of that , but maybe he had enough energy to talk to his wife when he got home – it takes all sorts.

3 thoughts on “Watching Charlton , the agony and the ecstasy

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