Unpleasant night with the neighbours

There are times in your life when you wonder what on earth you are doing somewhere and last night as the bottles of lager and coins rained over me and I sat in front of Simon Makienok ( what was HE thinking ?) , that’s how I felt. It was like a zoo. I’ve got a great idea , if fans actually want to fight each other , why don’t the clubs set up a specific area for a punch up fully staffed by St johns ambulance volunteers. The rest of us could then concentrate on watching the game.

The teams’s performance was awful, 7 or 8 goals for Palace would have been a fairer score for them.

Ive made a pact with myself not to judge the team and this years intake of previously unheard of foreign arrivals until 10 games in, but it is looking increasingly likely that we will be finishing much closer to the bookie’s expectations and the owner’s low budget than we were hoping for.

Andy Wells RIP

I am very sad to report that Andy Wells who was a friend and lifelong fan and stalwart of the Northern Addicks passed away on Monday 14th September. Despite moving from Kent to Yorkshire more than a decade ago , Andy maintained his love for the club and was a regular at all the Northern fixtures and despite a very long battle against cancer , he still managed to get to the Derby game a few weeks ago. He was a prolific poster on Charlton Life as Bryan_Kinsie and there are many nice tributes to his contributions on there.

I knew him personally as a mate , we went to school together many moons ago and subsequently in his professional life when he frequently helped me on business deals . Andy was completely unflappable and always did things at his pace which was not always as fast as other people wanted . Playing golf with him was a long day – Andy’s response when he was given the hurry up after his 6th shot went awry on the green and the queue behind was becoming irate was ‘Where’s the Fire”  – In homage , his mates had it printed on a T shirt .

He was a lovely man and unbelievably strong and brave over the last few years during which time he maintained a fantastic sense of humour – lets face it that helps as a Charlton Fan.

He will be greatly missed by all friends and family and the club have lost a lifer ………..

Pictured here at Bradford a few years ago with his lovely wife Carol

Andy Wells