Charlton Manager Job Advert

Deluded geriatric Belgian football club owner seeks unsuccessful inexperienced incompetent Belgian football manager to work alongside incompetent , inexperienced Belgian Football club chief executive.

Must be prepared to work with mostly inexperienced incompetent European footballers selected by inexperienced incompetent Belgian football scouts.

This is an equal opportunities position and both Flemish and French speaking incompetent applicants will be considered. Men called Carol will also be considered favourably.

Next One please

As you tuck into your dinner tonight , Katrien Meire will have already started her exhaustive search for our new manager , leaving no corner of European or indeed World football untouched or unresearched. She will be creating a detailed long list for interview and then conducting exhaustive reference checking and organising several rounds of psychometric testing before she phones Roland to talk him through the process.

She will then hold a press conference tomorrow morning in which she will explain how she held inumerable interviews with twenty or more fantastically qualified candidates before Charlton were delighted to be able to secure the services of Wolf van Rinklesperger , currently the assistant fitness coach at Dutch 4 th divsion side , Budgetless bv FC.

Wolf is well known to Roland Duchatelet since he used to be his hairdresser.

We expect to beat charlton 4-0

This was the ridiculous comment from some idiot Reading blogger in the i-paper on Saturday morning. I know the world has moved on but Reading … I mean Reading , for the first 30 years of my life they were a 3rd or 4th division side,¬†it’s like Bournemouth or Watford or Palace in the premier league or Fulham . Whilst our current clueless owners hurtle us towards rubbing shoulders with millwall or orient or barnet- where did it all go wrong ?

Katrien may have no idea about our history , but I can tell her that I have lived it and although it has been a VERY difficult last 40 years , today they are presiding over one of the most depressing times over this period.

If a 4 year deal with Zakaraya Bergdich takes the budget over the top the I’ll tell you what , the budget is nowhere big enough . It’s all very well saying that we are already exceeding the budget , but if the current budget is one of the lowest in the division then regardless of whether the manager is Belgian, Dutch , Israeli , then 19 seasons out of 20 then we are going to finish close to the bottom .

What is the PLAN ?????

My son assures me that we will look back on the duchatelet era as the time which stopped us going bust , gave us a new pitch and academy which enabled us to transition from slimy chancer era ( jiminez and slater ) through the totally amateurish and incompetent era ( Meire and Duchatelet) to the intelligent , progressive era of someone who recognises the potential , actually knows how to manage a football club and has the funds and will to make it happen.

Oh the optimism of the young , oh god I hope he is right.

Do us a favour Katrien, appoint a selling advisor tomorrow and find us the new owners now ……………….









Any kind of fix welcome

There have been some positive changes at Charlton since the new owners arrived , new pitch, potential new training facilities and the better players on long term contracts and they are to be congratulated for that. However, we are currently in the midst of potentially our 3rd successive season under their ownership trying to avoid relegation from this division. Yes, obviously its early , we’ve had injuries , maybe we will go on a great run now – let’s all hope so .

But we’ve had 10 games now so it’s fair to say that we have already got a few clues about the likely shape of the season. ¬†Unless we get some more quality ( preferably 4 or 5 experienced Championship) players in , which is obvious to all of us, it’s going to be another struggle , just as it was last season and the season before that.

It’s all very well for Katrien to say there are no short term fixes , but when will the medium or long term fix arrive ?

As the renowned economist , John Maynard Keynes said ” In the long run , we are all dead”

How long do we have to wait ? Is it 5 years , 10 years , 20 years ?