Any kind of fix welcome

There have been some positive changes at Charlton since the new owners arrived , new pitch, potential new training facilities and the better players on long term contracts and they are to be congratulated for that. However, we are currently in the midst of potentially our 3rd successive season under their ownership trying to avoid relegation from this division. Yes, obviously its early , we’ve had injuries , maybe we will go on a great run now – let’s all hope so .

But we’ve had 10 games now so it’s fair to say that we have already got a few clues about the likely shape of the season.  Unless we get some more quality ( preferably 4 or 5 experienced Championship) players in , which is obvious to all of us, it’s going to be another struggle , just as it was last season and the season before that.

It’s all very well for Katrien to say there are no short term fixes , but when will the medium or long term fix arrive ?

As the renowned economist , John Maynard Keynes said ” In the long run , we are all dead”

How long do we have to wait ? Is it 5 years , 10 years , 20 years ?

One thought on “Any kind of fix welcome

  1. We have a particularly bad injury list at present. A fully fit starting eleven is a match for any team in the championship and we just need slightly more luck and a little more depth.

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