We expect to beat charlton 4-0

This was the ridiculous comment from some idiot Reading blogger in the i-paper on Saturday morning. I know the world has moved on but Reading … I mean Reading , for the first 30 years of my life they were a 3rd or 4th division side, it’s like Bournemouth or Watford or Palace in the premier league or Fulham . Whilst our current clueless owners hurtle us towards rubbing shoulders with millwall or orient or barnet- where did it all go wrong ?

Katrien may have no idea about our history , but I can tell her that I have lived it and although it has been a VERY difficult last 40 years , today they are presiding over one of the most depressing times over this period.

If a 4 year deal with Zakaraya Bergdich takes the budget over the top the I’ll tell you what , the budget is nowhere big enough . It’s all very well saying that we are already exceeding the budget , but if the current budget is one of the lowest in the division then regardless of whether the manager is Belgian, Dutch , Israeli , then 19 seasons out of 20 then we are going to finish close to the bottom .

What is the PLAN ?????

My son assures me that we will look back on the duchatelet era as the time which stopped us going bust , gave us a new pitch and academy which enabled us to transition from slimy chancer era ( jiminez and slater ) through the totally amateurish and incompetent era ( Meire and Duchatelet) to the intelligent , progressive era of someone who recognises the potential , actually knows how to manage a football club and has the funds and will to make it happen.

Oh the optimism of the young , oh god I hope he is right.

Do us a favour Katrien, appoint a selling advisor tomorrow and find us the new owners now ……………….









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