Next One please

As you tuck into your dinner tonight , Katrien Meire will have already started her exhaustive search for our new manager , leaving no corner of European or indeed World football untouched or unresearched. She will be creating a detailed long list for interview and then conducting exhaustive reference checking and organising several rounds of psychometric testing before she phones Roland to talk him through the process.

She will then hold a press conference tomorrow morning in which she will explain how she held inumerable interviews with twenty or more fantastically qualified candidates before Charlton were delighted to be able to secure the services of Wolf van Rinklesperger , currently the assistant fitness coach at Dutch 4 th divsion side , Budgetless bv FC.

Wolf is well known to Roland Duchatelet since he used to be his hairdresser.

3 thoughts on “Next One please

  1. Ourn juss keep on losin so Luzon ad to go in the end. Ere less get Curbs back least e’d won’t let them players who aint up to task mess abahrt.

  2. Albury. I do not think you are taking this matter seriously. The only thing she will be weighing up while she tucks into her Belgian Truffles watching Strictly is whether to plump for Tim Sherwood or hold out for Jose Mourinio

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