Charlton Manager Job Advert

Deluded geriatric Belgian football club owner seeks unsuccessful inexperienced incompetent Belgian football manager to work alongside incompetent , inexperienced Belgian Football club chief executive.

Must be prepared to work with mostly inexperienced incompetent European footballers selected by inexperienced incompetent Belgian football scouts.

This is an equal opportunities position and both Flemish and French speaking incompetent applicants will be considered. Men called Carol will also be considered favourably.

2 thoughts on “Charlton Manager Job Advert

  1. Luzon was doing the best he could with limited player ability. A load of long term injuries to the better players put the skids under an impressive start. No one could have coped with that, If you don’t have the tools, you can’t do the job!..Duchatelet is both arrogant and ignorant and should stay away from football, something he obviously knows nothing about. Hasn’t he got the brains to realise that he appointed all these people in the first place ?, and with the exception of Riga who could see what was likely to happen and got out quickly . All the others have been lambs to the slaughter !
    Duchatelet needs to take a good look at himself first because he is the problem.

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