Motherhood and apple pie

The main points from katrien meire’s statement to fans .

We all want to work together to make Charlton a successful club and We want to get 20,000 people watching Charlton (again) and generally increase the numbers of all sorts of disparate groups of people watching Charlton. – although I notice no mention of OAP’s , probably our biggest existing group – how about a weekly bingo after games or a beetle drive.

Not much to argue with there. I am certainly happy to give Ms Meire my pledge – if the ownership agree to put together a decent team with a nucleus of proper experienced championship players managed by someone who is appropriately qualified and experienced and they start to look like a decent team who win more games than they lose and become a team who could get to the play offs , then not only will I come happily every week ( instead of coming and often dreading it) , but I will also bring my 19,999 mates along

There – I’ve said it ……


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