Stand up for the 2%

I am all in favour of the 2% protest on Saturday and will be joining in by holding up 5 of 6 printed sheets to represent the other season ticket holders who don’t  bother going now – maybe that makes 12% just where I am. I don’t think getting rid of the owner ( just yet) is likely or possibly even desirable, but I do think we should be campaigning for the replacement of the CEO.

Im not a fan of the black & white scarves idea , my team play in red & white and the idea that I should wear black & white seems a bit silly to me.

Finally to Tony Watt , from a review of the outraged comments on Twitter , I’m in the minority , but I think letting him go is the right move. He is immensely talented but he’s not a team player. There’s something else going on in his head, I remember in the league cup game this season , after we beat Dagenham 4-1 at the valley , where he scored and was generally fantastic, Luzon was trying to get a team huddle after the game and Watt deliberately walked around to every Dagenham player to slowly shake their hands just so he could irritate Luzon by making him and his teammates wait for him.

However, bearing in mind how thin the squad already is, he needs to be replaced and it would be sensible if the club told its customers that either he won’t be ( because we can’t afford it ) or he will be . – but that sort of straightforward communication is not in the current regime’s kitbag.

13 thoughts on “Stand up for the 2%

  1. I listened to every word of the meeting with the management at the Valley Katrein , Richard and all has misspoke well. No doubt RD has misjudged to level of foot ball in the Championship and has made some mistakes and with a pride issue to consider. But a lot of good things have and are being done. Yes I have been very negatively effect also, but now feel its time after two good results to just :give it a chance”. It must be very difficult for the senior management at The Valley to confront RD and one must consider they have their respective jobs and families to consider,
    I feel the lessons have probably been learnt mainly by the shocking form and all those looses till the last two matches.
    I would the so called 2% to put off – put it on the back burner for the Ipswich game this poster thing in the 2nd minute. Do not do our dirty washing in from of Sky. (You can always do it another day if you are so inclined)
    Please, as the song goes “Give Peace a Chance”. I do believe lessons have been learnt, at this time do not look to rub salt in the wounds so to speaks.
    Just give the bloke a chance – he did save us from the last lot. So we all need another chance – so just do it for the club and simply get behind the team/club on Saturday.
    I thank all of the so called 2% in advance- THANKS

    • Peter, thanks for your comment . I understand and totally respect your view but I think there comes a point where we all have to say ‘enough is enough’ A pattern has emerged over the past 3 seasons which is that we get rid of a manager ( Powell, Riga, Peeters, Luzon ) , the results improve , we all get excited, herald a new dawn, give the owners the benefit of the doubt, then we run out of experienced players and – boom its groundhog day again , the results slip the manager gets fired and the whole cycle starts again return to Go , and collect your £200.
      If you add on top of this , the whole ‘sex on the pitch’ debacle , the lost season tickets, the good players given away and poor players purchased , its time to make the point more forcibly , otherwise we will be watching 3rd division football with 5,000 other fans, whilst Crystal Palace redevelop into a 40,000 stadium.

      • You cannot link the silly “sez on the pitch”: error and the ticketing and database system with other issues, that’s just poor judgment. In an ideal world everything works first time but with interactive software and systems it is not the case, look at all the other systems that had similar problems.of this. type and nature.
        So give RD a break on this its not mature to do otherwise.
        Yes mistakes have been made by RD, – there is no doubt about that, for me its very simple, he is a very shrewd if not clever businessman but is not a football guru as he would like to think he is. The rest of the groups clubs including Standard Liege (as they are at the moment) are way of the level of Charlton and the Championship. He now knows it. So my earnest advice, after all he owns the club, thank God he got us away from the last two crooks! (remember them – I do!), and give him some space to adjust, he knows full well.
        It hard sometimes to ues the pen not the sword as they say. This time please use the “pen” in terms of showing support for management and the team, you can always draw the sword later.
        What will it cost you and the 2% a bit of pride – RD has to do the same re a bit of pride – rub his nose in it now and you could/will do more harm than good.
        Please against Ipswich show all we are better than the others. You will be surprised what will come of your and the 2% gesture of support.

  2. I think your point on Watt may have more support than you realise. He is not a team player and we are not going to win games in this division unless we play as a team. When he first arrived he provided some of the excitement that had been missing from the club for a while. Who didn’t watch the terrific ‘corner flag’ display several times over, with pleasure. But of late no pleasure, only frustration. I suspect he thinks of the team as secondary to his status. Time to move on.

  3. Whilst it is often difficult from the outside to understand the sort of non-playing dynamics that any given player contributes to the collective character, morale, and well-being of the whole squad it shouldn’t be forgotten that Watt is still only 21 and as such is still, in many respects, a raw talent. Often the very qualities that make players like Watt a bit special can be their downfall and that of course is partly where the head coach/ manager’s skills come into play. An experienced, authoritative yet compassionate manager such as for example the excellent Mick McCarthy might well have wanted to keep Watt and tried to get to grips with whatever eccentricities that he has in order to benefit from his talent. All that said, the assumption that Watt was moved on because of some sort of disruptive behaviour might not be entirely correct and that we could be looking at a straight forward cost-cutting exercise disguised as something else.

    • Terry
      We can only guess at the reason , but with the club’s current communication skills , it is highly unlikely that any of its customers (us) will ever be told what that reason was!

      • I’m sure Albury that Watt will give his side of the story at some stage and the usual response will be given by the CEO. Like all players who have served Charlton well I wish him every success at his new club. Cardiff City are at heart a great traditional club with passionate supporters many of whom have sadly been driven away by destructive ownership and who have not returned despite them being within striking distance of the play-offs. That fact should be sobering to contemplate in the light of the reported goal of reaching gates of 20,000 at the Valley. If the assumption of RD and the CEO is that results will draw the numbers back to the Valley then that has not proven to be the case for the Bluebirds. It hardly seems worth pointing out that at ownership and CEO level the prospect of nurturing a play-off hopeful team at CAFC seems well beyond current ambition and capability.

  4. Just on a matter of fact I think Peter Hearn is not correct when he describes Standard as still being part of RD’s circus. Was it not sold some time ago? Maybe I mis-read what Peter said.

    • Terry what I was trying to say was when Standard Leige was part of RD group of clubs they were no way the potent force they once were. And that Charlton were now as a group club far above all test of the clubs in terms quality and the Championship far above the rest of the group leagues. That this is the key to RD’s failings in that he has or others also have misread this. BUT, I am sure as an astute businessman, with some pride at stake here, he now knows. All I am saying is give the guy a chance now after two good results give him and all concerned a chance and see what happens between now and Christmas (7 matches) . After all it is the season of good will. I personally feel the 2% demo for Saturday is wrong and it will do more harm than good. If we are looking for RD to loose some pride – then why not so him I will do it first. Look the guy saved us from the last pair of crooks – please don’t do it Saturday. Thanks Petet

  5. Peter, I understand what you are saying about RD re his business acumen and that it is inconceivable that he wouldn’t have a professional pride in seeing that CAFC thrives. There have been improvements to the club since he took over but these have been far out-weighed by the naivety (which I think you readily acknowledge) about what is needed to run a competitive football club at Championship level. particularly in the area of player recruitment. I don’t just mean that players of a totally unsuitable standard have been brought in but also players whose durability has proven to be suspect. Couple that with key departures of proven quality and commitment and bingo you have a problem. that sees CAFC struggling against relegation. The failure to learn from the mistakes is what alarms me, I can’t speak for the rest of the ‘2%’ but I’m guessing that others will also share my view. I hear what you say about the last owners but it shouldn’t be forgotten that they were the custodians during one of the few campaigns in Charlton’s history that ended with a trophy. Metaphorically speaking it could be argued that CAFC is on a journey from a trophy to atrophy and that is why I am fully supportive of the campaign..

    • Johann Berg Gudmundsson has admitted protests by Charlton fans are not helping the team – after the Addicks lost 3-0 to Ipswich at the Valley.
      Hope all the 2% people are very satisfied with themselves!! Don’t ever say I did not ask you to not do it and just get behind the team. What you did was a Donald Trump stunt!

  6. There are a great number of factors that are not ‘helping the team’ this season. Most of them are due to incompetent management and judgement and set their roots long before the recent 2% campaign was born out of the fury of fan reaction to Ms Meire. They have been listed so often that to do so again seems pointless as the arguments have been well aired and most supporters will have formed an opinion about the fitness to manage so far displayed by RD and KM. The terrible sight of so many empty seats at the Ipswich match suggests that supporters are deserting in droves. Players should be aware that they have a professional job to do in the face of all sorts of difficulties that are beyond their control and to comment in isolation on just one of those factors is not wise.

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