The Squad is Good Enough

said Jose RigaBob Peeters, Guy Luzon ,  and now Karel Fraeye.

Anyone spot the common theme ?

I guess Katrien and Karel just want to keep their jobs and get paid every month and therefore don’t want to tell the owner the truth.

I suppose that’s understandable , but depressing for the fans who know its not true.

2 thoughts on “The Squad is Good Enough

  1. Just finished watching the pre-match interview with Karel Fraeye, which I thought he handled very admirably and other than saying the club is “gaining in confidence” and
    “we are an improving football club,” I didn’t catch where he said “the squad is good enough.” There are still three quite key players out with injury, all of whom are getting closer to a return, so clearly, that will be a big plus. What is the guy supposed to say, ‘we’re just total crap?”

  2. KF is certainly quoted by one source (News Shopper) as having used the words’ I think the squad is good enough’. Clearly most clubs have to endure periods when key players are out with injury. This is not particular to CAFC but our position in the table tells us that we haven’t been able to cope as well as those above us. The logical conclusion of that is that the squad is actually not good enough to keep us out of a relegation battle. I quite agree of course that KF is not going to say that publicly, let’s not forget that this is a man who desperately wants to keep his job so he’s not likely to be rocking any sort of boat is he? I desperately hope that he proves himself as well and that results will continue to get us up the table. .

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